The man in the path

He lives in the path that travels the length of the park, but isn't in the park, around the corner from my parent's house. He's been there for years. It seems he's recently lost a leg, so I decided to take a photo before he disappears completely. Doesn't he look friendly?!


  1. Hiya Sadhbh!

    This is so weird. Not sure how I ended up here... but everything is very familiar! And look at your blogroll! All those mutual people. And you're in Wicklow too? Do I know you? I feel like I do!
    (What's with all my !!!! LOL!)

    ANYway, great to see more Irish blogs popping up. Keep on blogging!

    I love this path man. Something kind of sweetly sad about him. I'm not surprised you wanted to preserve him somehow. Pity they don't put stuff like this in the paths when making them. Imagine going back years later to some childhood 'nostalgic pavement' and seeing something like this? *sniffs*

    C x

    Ps. Come and say hi!

  2. He looks shockingly friendly considering his circumstances!

  3. Hi Ciara,
    Thanks for popping over to my blog. You don't know me, although it's possible we met maybe once, briefly, many years ago. I found your blog through Chris' and have really enjoyed following it. You have an amazing eye and your pictures always delight me.

    Anyway, Chris and Simon were both in my secondary school and I studied Irish in college with Simon where we were good friends. It's through Simon I met Chris and though I don't see them much these days I'm very fond of them both.

    I'm new at this blogging malarkey, but I'm really enjoying it - it's so much fun getting comments!! (Hi megan!)I have plans afoot for another blog too....with more of a definite theme.
    Anyway, come visit anytime!


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