What was on top of my wedding cake

I found this photo of my wedding cake topper in a file of random pictures. I think my husband took it. Five years later, it's sitting on my bookshelf and makes me smile when it catches my eye.

My mother hated it and thought it most inappropriate.... but to us it was perfect.... thanks Nadia!


  1. Thanks.
    These are much better than the traditional kind :)

  2. Ha ha ha that's hilarious - I agree, much better choice than cheesey ones! Thanks for your post on my blog - it's always nice to know I'm not whitering away to myself! Glad you like to visit friendly cottage! Your site sounds like it's going to be lovely - welcome to bloggers paradise! Are you friends with ciara at milkmoon then?- I see you're from Wicklow too. Sharon x

  3. This is also what my husband and I had on our wedding cake.


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