Snow Days

The weather here has been very cold these past few weeks and eventually it snowed. And that snow got trampled and driven on and so turned to ice. And then it snowed again and again and a few more times after that and all of that means that last Wednesday we got stuck in traffic for 7 hours, for a journey that usually takes about 30 minutes, and also that I haven't been back to work yet - which is nice in a way, extended holidays are always nice, but I'm also starting to go a little stir crazy because it's dangerous for me to walk outside in my present 'pregnant with twins' condition, in case I fall over and we can't really drive anywhere either. It is seriously slippery out there.

So I haven't been anywhere since Wednesday. And now it's Sunday and I'm getting bored...

We Irish really don't know how to cope with this kind of weather. We normally get snow for a day or three a year and that's it. But it's been 10 days now and the country is coming to a standstill. What's funny is that people from other countries would look at these photo's and see just a mere 'sprinkling' of snow - nothing to worry about - to us it's a national disaster!!
So during this house-bound period I haven't just been idle and staring out the window waiting for the weather to break. Nor have I been watching TV to numb my brain - we don't have one. Rather I've been tackling a 'I'll get to these things some day-list'. Those things you'd like to get around to doing, but don't think you'll ever really find the time because they're not entirely necessary. So these are a couple of things that have been keeping me occupied over the last day or two.

I knitted (with my very basic knitting skills) a warm headband for my Mother. I also knit a big flower corsage and sewed it to the side and then promptly forgot to photograph it before I excitedly gave it to her... but suffice to say it's the colour of oatmeal and she loves it (she's a headband kind of girl).

Inspired by my ancient, tattered, much loved and never to be thrown away nursery rhyme books and also by my cousin's new baby girl Mary I made this sock lamb as a belated Christmas gift, because as we all know, 'Mary has a little Lamb' or rather she doesn't, yet, but she will whenever I can get to the post office:

He's a bit funny looking, I hope she likes him....

I have been thinking I might scan and print one of the pages from my old books and frame it up to accompany the lamb, but I'm not sure which one yet.... but at least the consideration and 'doing' of it is another thing to do to fill the endless days of the big freeze and stave of the threatening cabin fever!!

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