The new printer

I got a new printer for my office and although I have only had a very short time to play with it thus far, I am in love with one particular function-

It scans slides... old  photographic slides!! It's amazing!!

My father is a photographer and so there are millions of slides at my parents house that haven't seen the light of day in years and years and years. In fact, most of my baby photos are in slide format, and since having the girls I've been dying to see some baby pictures of myself to see if they look like me.
(Sábha looks just like me, Lile is all Devo!)

I love these two pictures that have been rescued from obscurity, especially the one of me standing on the backseat of my parents car in the late 1970's. Check out my clothes!!! The patch on the knee, the flare in the jeans the actual backseat itself (why don't they make cars like that anymore?), and the blur of my toy accordion playing!
This could become a bit of an obsession for a while...I've asked my Dad to dig the slide stash out of the attic...

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  1. Ah cutie. The printer has replaced the husband, I'm a bit jealous!


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