On the Fritz

First my camera ran out of batteries and I can't seem to remember to buy some new ones. Ever. Even when I go out especially to buy batteries I come home with four tubs of baby formula, two bars of chocolate, some orange juice and some baby weaning spoons which I won't even need for at least another month.

Then my laptop decided to die. Well, I hope it's not actually dead, because there are lots of photos and documents and music on it that I'd quite like to still have. The photos especially. "Surely you've backed-up", I hear you cry. "Oh, so you're an idiot", I hear you groan, when I shamefacedly admit that I haven't. I have been reminding myself for ages to buy an external hard drive or at the very least put photos onto discs and get them printed. I have obviously done neither.

The computer still switches on, but it won't go past a certain point. Some expert will surely know what to do?...

So, I'm back on the old desktop, which has been chugging away like a trooper since 2002 (I think... ages and ages anyway). My snazzy new printer isn't compatable with it, so I can't do an 'Old Slide-post'. I have no photos of a 'Cúinne Baile' (no batteries in the camera). I have no photos of the lovely christening I was at today (again, no batteries in the camera) or of Devo's first gig with his new band (the photos are on the dodgy laptop)... so I'll just post this:
which was taken by my friend Col, with his iphone, when he came to visit last week. Lile looks just how I feel, and Sábha understands exactly. That'll do.

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