Cúinne Baile 3

The fireplace, with birthday invitation.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY missus!!! You need to celebrate! Had a fab night at the Make-and-do. Looking forward to the next one. And in the meantime, keep blogging!! :-)

    (Ps. Love the mosaic!)

  2. Yes, I am finally back on line. How's the sickly laptop? :-o

  3. Laptop's all better thanks!Glad your internet is all better too. We've a few mosaics about the house. Devo makes them.. well I make him make them...

  4. I'm intrigued by the white thing beside the fire on the left. It looks lovely there, but I'm wondering what it's for?

  5. Hi Mise, Yes, that's a very interesting posession of mine that I inherited from my grandfather. It has three parts (the top part is sitting into the 'bowl' at the bottom) and a lid. It has a tap in that half-moon part in the bottom. I believe it came from 'Marianella' which is a residence for brothers/priests. My grandfather worked there one time and must have been given this.

    I'm pretty sure it's a holy water font as the part with the tap can be hung on a wall (it has yet to find a more permanent home in our house) so the bowl could be filled. The bowl has a few (badly mended) cracks and the tap has seized up but it's such a lovely piece I could never part with it - even if I have no real use for it!
    Thanks for asking! S


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