What to write..

... almost a month later. How bad am I at this blogging mularkey?? I was reminded by this lovely post, by Ciara at Milkmoon, that I never even mentioned the one year birthday of this poor neglected little blog. (It would have been some time in August...I think... yes, August 17th) and now here we are in October!

How time flies when there are tiny twin girls eating it all up!

Well, the first of the 'Make and Do Mondays' has been and gone and was quite a success!

There was crochet and appliqué and knitting and painting and softie-making and upholstery and yummy cupcakes by Emma and Faye and a raspberry cake by me and bottles of Prosecco and lots of nattering! There was even a man! With his own sewing machine!!!

It was the original intention that Make and Do Mondays would be held once a month, but due to popular demand they will be held every second week. So the next one is on Monday (obviously) October 11th. Hooray for people who like to create!
 In other news, Lile and Sábha have started on solids and are now not only eating my time, they are gobbling up everything in sight! There has not yet been one thing they haven't loved. Broccoli included! It's wonderful.

They are also getting lovely and chubby!

My little greeting card business, Cártaí Rúbaí, appears to be quiet at the moment, but I'm busily working away on getting orders out and trying to gear myself up for the coming Christmas Fair season. It will be a busy one and I have a lot of work to do if I want to be ready on time!

It seems I found things to write about afterall and maybe (fingers crossed) when my laptop comes back from the doctor (I finally brought it yesterday) I'll be around here a little more... even a little more would be better!

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