We were on TV tonight

The show we were a part of finally aired tonight! It will air again next Friday, but in the meantime here's the segment we featured in:

I had posted on my Facebook page that it was going to be on and then I had pangs of regret because the babies were ten weeks old when they filmed us and I couldn't remember a damn thing I had said. I was sort of terrified that I would just look like a crazy person talking about tea and babies....

Completely unrelated picture
but it was ok... It's a beautifully filmed piece of television. The different stories are really heart-warming and I am (edited to be) quite coherent... which is nice. I have to say, the whole thing brought a little tear to my eye. I'm so happy to have it to look back on and to share with the girls when they are older and I'm so grateful to have had such a huge event in my life marked in such a significant way. My sister Cáit was also marvellous and I'm glad she was a part of it. What a lucky girl I am!


  1. Caught it online Sadhbh - you & Cait came across great! And how cute did the girls look?!

  2. just watched it online, you seem perfectly coherent and the girls are really cute in their matching outfits.

  3. Lovely piece..I have twin girls too.(and two other children too) Our girls are 2.5yrs old now.
    You seem to have a lovely welcoming home. No wonder people flock there for tea!

  4. Thanks girls! We're delighted with the piece. Millie, I've spotted your gorgeous twins on your blog. Are they identical?


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