Christmas greetings to you, one and all...

I hope you are having as wonderful time as I am, so far... and it's only just begun! The magic started for us here on Christmas Eve morning when the most wonderful parcel arrived from my cousin Johanna in London.
There were perfect gifts for each of us, beautifully wrapped and beribboned and its arrival caused great excitement here!
Parcels from London at Christmas were a huge part of my childhood. My mother's sister (Johanna's mother) always sent incredible parcels to us and we were allowed to open them on Christmas Eve. They were the precussor to the Christmas Day frenzy and in the days before English high-street chain-stores arrived on these shores the contents always amazed and delighted us. My mother, of course, sent parcels to London too (full of Irish treats!) and Johanna has the same fond memories as I do of the postman ringing the door-bell at Christmas time!

Johanna now has a little girl of her own and we have decided to carry on the tradition between us. I posted my package for her last week and I really hope that it arrived on time. I love that we are carrying it on, it really adds something special to an already special time of year.

In the afternoon we went to visit the girls' great grandmother and she gave my girls some beautiful jumpers that she made herself. I am delighted with them as I adore hand-knits and they are perfect for the current weather conditions!

In the evening, we hung the girls' stockings by the fireplace and tucked them up all snug in their beds... I'd like to think that they have dreams of sugar-plums in their heads... but they are not even 9 months old yet and haven't got a clue what Christmas is!

When they wake up they will see that Santa has been to visit and brought them, oh so many presents!

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