Let's not talk about the weather

Suffice to say that the weather has been about as extreme as it gets in Ireland. Thunder and lightening and snow by the sky-ful. And now, the beginnings of a thaw... but lots of ice... if that makes sense. At any rate, all we've been doing lately is staying cosy.... that's literally about it...

So, with a lack of exciting events in my own life -  I've decided to blog about my little brother. The gregarious, ever-excited, unstoppable Éanna!

Me pushing Éanna in the park in 1980/'81

Using a cucumber for balance at 8 months old...
as I look on... and eat the rest of the cucumber...
Éanna is having quite an exciting year thus far. He is building a house in the countryside. On a magnificent two-acre site with stunning views over a valley to the front and an ancient woodland to the rear. It promises to be fabulous and I can't wait to visit!

Éanna riding bareback on a traveller's horse!

He is studying Arboriculture, and dreams of one day working for Coillte and spending his days driving around in his Jeep and looking after trees. A far cry from his current desk-job with the national broadcaster.

He recently turned 'the big 30' and threw an amazing fancy-dress birthday party, where everybody dressed up as either super-heroes or cartoon characters. Éanna dressed up as Marvin the Martian. Complete with size 17 shoes... seriously.. do people have feet that big? He wore his own shoes inside the big shoes!

Most exciting of all, however, Éanna also recently got engaged! To the lovely Sinéad, who I already consider my sister-in-law. We are all looking forward to the wedding and wish them every kind of happiness for the future.

P.S. All photos in this post taken from slides, taken by my father, Sam Gallagher - aren't they lovely?


  1. He sounds like the perfect brother!...The photos are great..I have loads of slides I keep promising to get developed into photos. What did you get done with these?

  2. Hi Millie, He's a nice guy alright! AS for the slides-I bought a new printer that scans film and slides!!! It's amazing! It's the Canon MP980. I LOVE it.


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