A great escape...

is sometimes needed. A little time. Just a little. Just sometimes. Just me. Not for any particular reason... just because.

I awoke this morning to something even louder than the calling babes. A strong wind was blustering about the house and a grey rain was rattling at the windows. My plans, for bringing the tiny girls to try out the toddler swings in the park for the first time, were scuppered... and so we'll have to wait for less inclement weather.

A day indoors can be lovely. There are lots of nice homely things to do and games to play and most of the time I love staying cosy while the world storms around us... but there was a murmuring voice in the wind today... a persistent little voice... that called me out into the wild afternoon for a little lonesome fairytale adventure.
Through the magical castle gate and into  Eye-Candy Land!
Where there are pretty tea-cups
and sweetly scented soaps.
Pretty perfume bottles.
Sweety sweets.
and treaty treats! 
Snuggly woolens
and woven birds!
Tempting things for the tiny twins...
and glimpses of the castle's rain-swept enchanted gardens.
But best of all, in this magical land there was time... a little precious time...
for warming soup and the exciting climax of a story.
And oh, it was a great escape!


  1. Seriously can't you just wander around Avoca for hours?!. R doesn't understand how anyone can get so excited by tea cups and cake stands.

  2. I LOVE AVOCA - Especially when I get time there by myself! D doesn't get it either. MEN!!

  3. I never get out, how am I expected to get it, someone has to look after the kids!


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