Swings and Roundabouts

We made it to the playground yesterday.
The  girls enjoyed the bouncy horsie.

...and were decidedly under-awed by the swings!

Oh well!


  1. Aw!! Very cute! Some days the playground will be your best friend! :-D

    (Although I have to say, I find it disappointing how little there is for people under 5 or 6 in that playground revamp. Although the older ones love it, I can't really go there any more if I have smaller ones with me, we have to stick to greystones. But at least they grow!!)

  2. So cute! I love their little teddy bear hats!

  3. @Ciara, I agree - very little for the tiny ones... I must take a trip out greystones way!

    @Lorraine - thanks! The hats came from my sister - Auntie Saorla. We are very fond of them.


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