Way Out West

It has taken me almost four hours to get here today... from one side of the country to the other... and I noticed, once again, how the fields got smaller and stonier the further west I travelled... until I arrived here.

It was late afternoon and the light was failing when I took a walk around the town.

Westport looks cold and bleak in these pictures, but it really is a pretty town, with lots of nice shops and caf├ęs. I found one absolute treasure trove of a shop that I would have liked to have bought 'one of everything' in... I almost did!

There are new spoons for the girls, cookie cutters for upcoming festivities, a cake tester with a pink heart (I truly have needed one for so long), a gas lighter for our sometimes dodgy stove, tea-time treats and a mug for Devo which reads " Sex and Mugs and Rock n' Roll" - I love it!
I'm tired and weary tonight. Soon I will go downstairs for something to eat... but mostly I'm looking forward to a big sleep...
A soft grey rain is falling outside my window and the weak and wintery light has left the sky.
Tomorrow I journey forth (or sort of back) to the shores of Lough Mask... more soon...


  1. I love all that area..for a couple of years we rented a cottage in Finny for breaks away...such peace! We long to go back, and will one day soon, but for now we are too busy. We always took a trip or two to Westport....they have the best shops there.
    This is where we stay http://www.loughnafooey.com/hazel.html
    Lovely people too!
    It is a long spin over though!

  2. Wow! lovely cottages! Thanks for the link. Must keep them in mind. I can't imagine travel abroad will be an option for us for a couple of years... I love the west:)


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