If you go chasing rabbits...

2011 is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.  My local Chinese take-away calendar tells me this of  Rabbit:
 "Luckiest of all signs - talented and affectionate, yet shy. You seek peace. Marry a Sheep or Pig - not Rooster."

It seems that all of 2010 has been preparing this year. Last year was the year of the Tiger... but Tigers have not been too plentiful in these parts! Instead, bunnies have slowly been taking over our home...
There are snuggly rabbits:

And playful rabbits:

And cuddly rabbits:

And rabbits peeping out of books:

And rabbits to measure how tall you are growing:

And rabbits to hang or to hang from:

And a rabbit who likes to read:

And rabbits on my new shoes:

And even badly photographed rabbits for christmas:

Brooch from my cousin in London, Ring from my brother - both featuring a rabbit and a top-hat - completely delightful coincidence!
I am looking forward to spring and perhaps a chance to see some live rabbits!

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  1. You'll see some live rabbits alright, but only briefly, and not long after that you'll be enjoying some nice, hot rabbit stew, just like mama used to make, now hop along bunny girl!!!!


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