I went out to find some light

... and after the storm... there it was...
Imbolg (Christianised as 'Candlemas') was wet,windy and really, really wild!
A part of our tree was felled, in fact...

and from the new piece of sky it revealed, the fresh Spring light poured through our kitchen window.

The babes were still quite sickly and we stayed indoors, safe and warm and, even though they didn't feel too well, they still enjoyed playing with their new Nature Nesting Blocks.

We ate sheep's milk feta for our unphotographed lunch and baked some unphotographed goodies from this book.
In the evening we lit a candle, to welcome back the Spring sunshine.

Now, a week later, everywhere I look, I see the Spring emerging, triumphant, from Winter's cold, hard grasp.


  1. I hope the girls improve very soon...It is no fun having ill children.
    I notice a real change in the season...despite the dull start we had to today. The mornings are bright so much earlier, and there is a great stretch in the evenings...I love every season for different reasons (I don't have a favourite) but when we are near the end of a season, I am ready for the next!

  2. Look how big the girls have grown! I hope they're feeling better.

  3. They are much better now, thanks girls. It was just a couple of weeks, but it felt like forever!
    Millie, I feel the very same about the seasons. I love them all for different reasons, but I'm usually more ready for the end of winter than for the end of any other!

  4. My little beauts, Lile looks nuts in that photo, she looks like Sean Moncrief!!


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