Lost in the big wide world

It's been a little bit quiet around here of late... not that it's ever been particulary... erm... noisy? It's just that I've been off galivanting and having a wonderful time. That's ok isn't it? It was my birthday afterall, and then lots of other nice things happened too, so I've barely switched on a computer in the last couple of weeks - even in work!!
I was 33 on the 21st of May. To be honest I'm lucky to still be here. The Rapture was scheduled for 6pm the same day and I had to cram a lot of enjoying myself in early in the day so that I could settle down at 6pm with a glass of champagne, my nearest and dearest and all my birthday gifts around me to await my fate.
All dressed in black for our own potential funerals!
It did get a bit stormy... but we're all still here... so I'm reckoning the planet has a few more years left in her yet! At least I'll actually get to try out my new sewing machine. It would have been an awful waste of money if the earth had swallowed it mere moments after I'd opened it.
Appropriate 'wrapping paper' on my new sewing machine!
The following day, bright, breezy and without a chance of rapture, the birthday celebration continued with a blissful night away in beautiful Bellinter House. Eating, drinking, strolling, luxurious sleeping... you get the picture I'm sure.
The following day my day-job moved office. I am beyond delighted. I am no longer trapped in a dank basement with no natural light. We are now located on the second floor of a Georgian building in Dublin. Our office has duck-egg blue paint on the walls and two huge windows.
Best of all, I have a view...
...of sky, and trees and city life. I can even tell what the weather is like at any time of the day!

You'd think all of that would be enough excitement for one week, but no, there were still more adventures over this past weekend, and a bit of a reveal too.

I spent this weekend in the company of some wonderful women in Enniscrone in Co. Sligo. My sister's best friend Sij is getting married shortly and we celebrated her Hen night(s) by surfing (don't worry, there will be no pictures of me in a wetsuit in this post)and eating and drinking and making merry and gifting her with tokens of our affection. It was a fantastic weekend. Full of positive energy and sisterly love. And the patch that I made, was revealed...
...along with its sister pieces...
... as part of the tribute to her and her love.

When I got home, on Sunday afternoon, I took the girls for a walk with my Mama and my Nana.
We went to visit a local garden that is taking part in the Wicklow Gardens programme. The woman who owns it is a friend of my Grandmothers. She runs flower arranging classes that my Grandmother regularly attends and her garden is gorgeous.
Tilly, the friendliest dog in the world!
Mamó and Sábha
The little girlies had a wonderful time wandering around the perfect lawns, quacking at the ducks, woofing at the dog and being chased by their mama (only to stop them decapitating the flowers!)
All in all, I've been a bit lost in the big world. Revelling in the things that life are made of. Friends, family and festivities.


  1. Your new office is beautiful! Happy birthday, belatedly, and may you get much use from that wonderfully-presented sewing machine.

  2. Oh how cute to see old posts and look at the girls all tiny


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