This week I am thankful for:

Strong women who have a positive effect on the world around them
My Primary School Principal at her retirement party
Occasional sunny days during Ireland's rainy summer

 Spending time with little cousins

 Glamorous grandmothers with fabulous sun-hats

 Trips to the park with sisters

 Sábha's sense of adventure

 Lile's sense of discovery
Sábha's first work of art
..torn in half before I could rescue it

..but taped back together and given pride of place on the kitchen wall
Lile's amazing sense of humour
Shopping for first shoes with little girls
Hanging out with beautiful, seldom seen friends
Almost (almost) too-pretty-to-eat, edible gifts from Nadia
Last-minute Rock and Roll dates with my lovely Devo
Alice Cooper curtains.... in the distance


  1. Sorry to be repetitive but this is the best feel good blog ever!!!

  2. You're making me blush - again;)!
    Thank you, my beautiful, seldom seen friend.

  3. Beautiful photos! First exciting!
    Isn't it wonderful to see their personalities developing along-side each other.


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