"Drawing" she says. "Drawing"... "Would you like to draw?", I ask. "OooKaaay" she says, with a big smile, as if it was my suggestion all along. We find what she needs and she settles down to work. Any canvas will do. The notebook Dada uses when he's writing songs for his band or the tiniest scrap of bedside paper.

The drawing sometimes strays onto the table top, or the floor, or even the bedsheets, but she is learning about where we will accept it.

She draws when we visit places. Handfuls of coloured pencils that we sometimes need to pry from her grasp when we are leaving.

She completes other peoples' pictures on their behalf. Adding her marks to eyes and hands and hair and other features she can name.
One of her favourite places to draw is out of doors. The garden wall is her largest work to date, an ever-evolving mural that changes as she adds to it and as the weather takes parts of it away.

Lately, she is experimenting with new types of canvas. Faces. 
The primal, human urge to make her mark is so strong within her. I can hardly wait to see how it will develop. 

The exhibition has opened and the night went well. The photographer was happy, (phew) and there were lots of people interested in the charity's work. It runs until Nov. 18th if you'd like to pop in for a peep.

The swap package is in the post (finally). Look here for a sneak peek from my new friend Heather in Colorado, of what might be in my package. I can't wait until it arrives!

Samhain is almost here.


  1. We have an artist too, the other lady will take or leave it! I find faces drawn everywhere!

  2. hello!!!!! i just received the finest package from ireland and i am delighted and feeling nervous about mine maybe not being good enough! oh. but yours! yours is divine. i am in love with this package. the little glass window hanging is so magical and me and i am so grateful for your thoughtfulness and care. i am also now nervous about the package even making it to you! i did put some cut plants that might be smelly, like you feared the lavender could be.... you know what, if that happens, i will do it all over again. oh. we will see. so. thank you so much! i am excited also to send you a proper thank you note. with more words. i wasn't in a writing space i guess when i mailed yours, and there are not so many words. but lots of love. you are awesome. your cards are artistic and lovely. i feel so lucky!!!!!

  3. Millie, Aw that's so sweet. Lile isn't as pushed either. She'd rather eat the crayons!

  4. Heather!
    I'm so glad it's arrived and that you are enjoying it! Looking forward to getting mine!!


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