Nearing the end

Has it really been almost an entire month since I've been here? My goodness, I hardly know where the time went! It seems I must have clambered aboard that old crazy Christmas train and just kept on going, and going and going... I like train journeys, and this one has been no exception, but I'm ready for it to draw to a close!

There have been many things I've wanted to share. Some of the 'building' work that's been going on around here:

Melon cubes as building blocks!

Built with help from Dada
Carpet on our Stairs - after 6.5 years of not getting our act together,
my brother and cousin finally made this happen! I am so grateful.
I wanted to share some of the Christmas craftiness that's been happening around here too.

The lanterns the littles made for their grandparents for Christmas, that welcome back the sun, as the evenings from now on start to stretch out tiny bit by tiny bit...
And the peg-dollies that were hidden in the last pocket of our Advent Calendar, somewhat overshadowed on Christmas Eve by the gifts received at the family gathering, but taken down from the tree everyday since for a kiss and a cuddle.

I've wanted to share all the Santa related excitement too:

 ...and to let you know how difficult it is to photograph this pair together these days, with both of them looking at the camera:
 seriously, this is literally the best shot we've managed to get for ages now... and they're being forced into it!
The girls had a wonderful Yule. Family and friends have been so generous and they will be kept busy getting to know their new toys for months to come.

There have been gorgeous parcels too, from loved ones far away, but always in our hearts.

And here, at the last stop, I feel so lucky. The end of 2011 quietly rumbling to a halt with my nearest and dearest all in good health and good cheer and a bright and shiny-new 2012 to look forward to. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours Sadhbh! We are still going through the phase of trying to get our two in the same photo, looking in the same direction at the same time...happily that is! When we put our other two children in the photo...well we've no chance!

  2. Drat! ... and I thought it could only get easier...:) Happy New Year to you and your gang Millie!!


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