The end of January. The days are coloured grey.
Photo by Devo
We eagerly await the monthly paycheck as the bills stack up on the kitchen counter. There will be a paycut... but, for now at least, there is still a job... we resolve to not worry until we are given reason to.

We will not let everything be swallowed by the grey cloudy skies, nor swept away by the sharp, gusting winds. We will hold tight and let the colour in our days stand out in stark relief against this pale, frigid backdrop.

Sweet girls in bright pink snow-suits happily play amongst the granite walls of an ancient settlement.

Early signs of spring. Crocus, daffodil and primrose petals gleam against the dull earth. Other
things are growing too. Her hair is long enough now to be worn "little girl" style.

Even the most mundane of days can bring unexpected magic.
This silvered, prehistoric beauty made a visit to the neighbour's garden. A rare thing, surely.
Photo by Devo

Photo by Devo
His keen, yellow eyes shone brightly against the ashen sky as he surveyed this new terrain.  With nothing to interest him in our dusky suburbia, it wasn't long before he spread the vast expanse of his wings and flew eastwards, towards the sea. He taught us the surprising allure of grey against grey.

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