Saddle Up!

... a Cártaí Rúbaí update...

I mentioned a little while ago that I needed to make a change in my life. I even made a resolution to that end:

"To make my life lighter and less fraught. To fill it less with things I don't really want to do but feel obligated to do and more with things that will make me smile and allow me to breathe"

I am trying to stick to this. I am learning to let go a little bit. To stop trying to grasp control over every little aspect of my life.... and so I have let go (a little bit- it's early days) of part of Cártaí Rúbaí.

I started Cártaí Rúbaí late in 2008 and have grown it (extremely) slowly and steadily to the point that my card designs are available in over 20 locations around the country, the website has attracted customers from all over the place - from Germany to the USA and I get continuous positive feedback. All of this is wonderful considering I have very little time to actually spend on the business. I mean, I have a day job and small twins and a husband and hobbies and friends I like to see from time to time and, you know, all of the things that comprise a life! So lately, Cártaí Rúbaí has been has been on the back-burner. By lately I mean, since the girls were born, almost two years ago. Yikes! What can I say? Greeting cards have not been a priority for me and I have been struggling with trying to decide what to do about it.

On the one hand I'm proud of what I have achieved. I have put a lot of work into it. There are many designs sitting on my computer just waiting for their chance to meet the printer (like the one above I designed recently especially for my brother's wedding invitation). There are many shops waiting to become stockists. I have never advertised, yet somehow people know about Cártaí Rúbaí and lots of people actually like what I'm doing... and that just floors me. It thrills me beyond belief.

On the other hand I have, of late, been feeling overwhelmed by the idea of even having my own business. I don't like doing things unless I can do them well and there aren't enough hours in my day for me to run Cártaí Rúbaí properly. To create all I want to create. To organise all I need to organise. To reach all the people I'd like to reach.

There came a point recently when it all seemed too much and I just wanted to get rid of the business. Just close it. Call it a day. Reclaim those meagre hours and use them for other things. I'm not exactly sure for what, but extra hours will always be filled when you have two toddlers! ...... But I couldn't do it. Cártaí Rúbaí is too much a part of me. Also, my family wouldn't let me. They have been wonderfully supportive of my efforts thus far and thought I was crazy to even consider shutting up shop.

But how will I do it??? Just deciding to keep the business open doesn't mean I can suddenly find that missing time! Well, my wonderful sister Cáit has stepped up to the plate and I'm proud to announce that she has agreed to partner with Cártaí Rúbaí to bring the business forward!!

Cáit has been a massive supporter since day one. She accompanied me to my very first craft fair and even donated her house, while she was on holidays, for me to use as a studio. She has always 'spread the word' about the cards to her friends and co-workers and people she meets who she thinks might be interested so, in a way, she was the obvious choice to join the company!

I'm so excited that she's on board and we're busy making plans to take over the world! Watch this space!

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