Big Fat Gypsy Babies

I have written before about my Lile's love for shoes. Sábha also loves footwear. Not as much as her sister, it's true, but enough to get quite excited when she gets a new pair!
They enjoy playing with the shoe basket almost everyday... trying on every shoe... over and over again. They are learning to help me tidy up afterwards!

This evening, my brother arrived with a gift for the girls. His fiancée and he found them on sale last week and just couldn't wait for their birthday to gift them... and so here they are!!

Tiny, little, pink satin, high-heeled, butterfly-sequin party shoes.

They are hilarious! The girls look ridiculously funny clacking around in them. They are slightly too big, which, somehow, makes them even sweeter.

They are little bit Suri Cruise, a little bit this (click 'this' to understand the title of this post)... but the girls are head over heels(!) in LOVE with them.

Best. Dressing-up shoes. EVER!

In fact, Lile brought all four shoes to bed with her. I had to sneak them away after she had fallen asleep to take this picture.

I think I may have trouble convincing the girls that these are not suitable as everyday footwear...


  1. Oh Sadhbh, I can't even begin to imagine how traumatic that was, thank you for the post, gentle and delicate reminding me how grateful I am for everything and everyone in my life. Hugs, c.XXXX

  2. I love the shoes! I have friends with twin girls, who got dress-up shoes, and if they woke during the night they would put on the shoes to walk to their parents room! Click-clack across the hall at 3am!

  3. Millie, this image made me laugh out loud! So cute! I wouldn't put it past Lile to do the same, but they are still in cots at the moment and don't try to escape too often ;)!!


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