Pride Comes Before A Fall

So, we took part in this wonderful exhibition recently!
Our room is second from the top in the middle row.
I asked the girls who lived in a small house - they said "Miss Mouse". They used their new markers to decorate the back wall. Lile chose the blue fabric for the carpet and told me that the plastic shells she found in the button box were tea-cups. 

Sábha decided the egg-carton seats I made needed cushions and chose the fabric, she also told me that the old wooden button was the light. 

They both did drawings of 'a gorilla eating an orange' to hang on the wall (they have a poster of gorillas in their own bedroom). 

I also made the table from a pesto jar lid and a wooden thread spool. Lile and Sábha are still enjoying having tea with the little boys almost everyday while we wait for 'Miss Mouse' to arrive!

(I have since found a pattern for a 'Miss Mouse' and hope to sew a duo for their 2nd birthday - which is sooner than I like to think...)

I'm so proud of the girls, the shoebox house was totally directed by them and only assembled by me because they are so very little. I'm so happy we took part in the exhibition it's given me such a buzz for the last few days to see our little room alongside all the others!

Well the buzz possibly got to my head, because a couple of nights ago, Lile cried out  - with a saturated nappy and a teething mouth. She wanted "MORE BOCKLE! MORE BOCKLE!". She has a BIG voice and I didn't want her to wake her sister so I quietened her and then hurried to get her some milk... and then I slipped... and fell down the stairs! At 4am. My body was still asleep and instantly went into shock, so that I lay curled in the foetal position, winded, while Lile cried and called "MAMA OK? MAMA OK?" over and over and Devo jumped out of bed believing that I had fallen with her in my arms - his dreams having filled in the knowledge gaps on his behalf... and little Sábha awoke last, rubbed her eyes and wondered what all the commotion was about.
Portrait of my Mother at age 12(?) painted by my Grandmother.
I didn't fall far (as you can see - there is a turn in our staircase - thankfully) but I sure fell HARD! Days later, my neck still aches. My elbow seems to look uglier with each passing hour and Devo rolls his eyes every time I mention that I feel sore. He is so OVER it. (I probably look for sympathy a little too often - but come on- as an adult you don't tend to fall down that often. It's kind of a shock to the system!)
In the cold light of day it doesn't look like much - but it HURTS!
I feel so much better after a pleasant weekend of friends, family and food - the most important things in life. These three things will never fail to cheer me up.
Spending twenty minutes throwing away some loose change in the late night gambling emporium, after a great meal with lovely people, in exchange for some bright colours, flashing lights, giggles and ... well...not a lot else really, doesn't hurt either.


  1. Ouch, ouch, ouch...sending my sympathies to you...seeing as your man has run out! I hope you feel better very soon.

  2. Aw, thanks Millie,
    it's starting to heal thankfully... though I'm still glad I have a long-sleeved dress for my brother's wedding in two weeks!!


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