Moon and Stars Party

I am still at the desk, using the great hulking antique, which, although slow, is at least steady. Unwavering in it's support of my pathetically irregular attempts to tell you about my comings and goings.

It feels like forever ago. We've had Easter and other important birthdays and many other events since, but nevertheless, as promised and without further ado - here is the girls 2nd birthday:

Tricycles for two
...were a big hit!

Balloons above the kitchen table
Moons and Stars in the living room

Moon and Star themed food
... lot's of Moon and Star themed food (I went a bit crazy)
made by my wonderful friend Aoife
(who's going into business, and why wouldn't she with talent like that?!)

Sábha blew out her candle, while Lile blew kisses at hers!
I had told everyone that there was a surprise inside the cake,
everyone waited with bated breath while it was being cut...
Surprise!! - a delicious rainbow!
We had a fantastic day. A house full of young and old and no particular structure made it really enjoyable. I had considered organising some simple party games, but with all the excitement I know my girls would not have been capable of following instructions - so the kids just played with whatever toys I had set up and generally amused themselves with running around and eating!

I did have a tub of pavement chalk outside in the garden and all the kids (even the bigger ones) had a great time drawing brightly coloured graffiti on our drab grey walls.

The cake made a striking centrepiece and everyone just loved it. Too often, fancy looking cakes don't taste very nice, but not this one. It was moist, perfectly moist, with vanilla buttercream and orange sponge... and every scrap of it got eaten. Every last scrap. Not one half-eaten, semi-played with piece went in the bin. Even the tiny children, who had already eaten their weight in biscuits, buns and chocolate buttons(moons!) ate their share.

If you have a party or indeed any occasion that needs a special (and more importantly delicious) cake, let me know and I'll try to hook you up! Aoife is great to work with and really loves a challenge. She's working on a website, so I'll link to her when she's all set up.

I forgot to photograph the goodie bags - they obviously matched the theme, but I'm not sure if I even fully remember what was in them! There was a glittery bouncy ball (to represent the moon), some chocolate stars, a couple of lollipops, some colouring pencils and a Moon and Star craft project.... which I will link to when I can remember where I found it...

I really enjoyed putting this theme together. There were lots of things I didn't get done on time (eg I only started making the savoury food as people were arriving, which was a bit crazy late...) but I'm happy with how it turned out.

I'm probably nuts doing big theme parties for tiny people who wont remember them... and I'll probably be all burned out and bored of it by the time they start requesting their own themed parties... but whatever... it makes me happy!

How about you? Do you go crazy creating themed parties for your kids or  do you keep it low key? ...or do you just get out of the house altogether and head for the zoo or someplace else that does all the work for you??

I'd love to know... I'm already thinking ahead to birthday number 3!!


  1. Happy, happy Birthday lovely girlies!
    We are headed for our girls 4th birthday in a few weeks and I'm afraid it'll be low-key. We usually go somewhere quiet but special on the Sunday after their birthday, for a walk, and lunch. We do invite the two grandmother's and my SIL for coffee and cake. I don't even do parties for the older children! I'm a bad mother! We used to invite cousins, but they have 4 kids and so do we, so that's 8 kids straight away ... maybe now that they're all a bit older, we might start doing that again. My girls got two rainbow saped cakes last year (a round cake cut in half!) and they have requested the same again this year...I must be doing something right!

  2. Happy Birthday!! My girls won't turn 6 for another 6 months, but they are already in negotiation for the theme. So far it will a fairy/Dora/Butterfly/Dinosaur party.

    LOVE the cake - it looks so pretty and then what a lovely surprise to see all the color on the inside.

  3. @Millie - You are NOT a bad mother! Without all the time you spend making clothes for them I'm not surprised you keep the parties simple! And I totally understand about the numbers - they add up pretty fast in our family too and lots of my friends have children close in age to the girls so it can get pretty crowded in our little house - I totally respect the low-key thing! How sweet that they want the same cake again!

  4. @ Curly Birds
    A Fairy/Dora/Butterfly/Dinosaur theme would go down pretty well in this house too (Dinosaurs especially - this week at least!)
    With your skill and creativity I'm sure it will be amazing - whatever they settle on!


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