I sort of can't believe that I only just mentioned Bealtaine in the last post and now, suddenly, it is the middle of Summer. The Summer Solstice. A time for flower garlands, and bonfires and well dressing. A time to relax and enjoy the fullness of Summer.

Outside my window - there is rain falling... and the forecast for the next few days is not for sunshine. Irish weather - unpredictable as always. Perched, as we are, on the edge of the Atlantic we bear the brunt of the rain that rolls in off the ocean. We soak up the moisture so that the clouds are quite dried out by the time they reach mainland Europe and they enjoy so much more of the sunshine we covet. I wonder if our neighbours 'on the continent' realise the sacrifices we make?!

No matter, I suppose, all of this water makes for a famously verdant landscape which is just now about as green as it can be.

I'm feeling guilty that I haven't made any real plans for a Midsummer celebration here at home. I had plans tonight to make a fabric flower garland each for my girls, but I watched an episode Murder, She Wrote instead....

I also had a mind to bake something summery... but thinking about putting together this post somehow scuppered that plan...

I have got a candle that I could light in lieu of a bonfire... but it seems a little paltry...

There are new clothes for the girls folded neatly in their drawers, however. Perhaps we will save them for the party we were invited to. The lovely Ciara has invited us to Milkmoon HQ for her annual Solstice Celebration, and we are really looking forward to it. Her beautiful corner of the world will be filled with wonderful, interesting people - the children will run wild in her garden and there will be a bonfire for certain. Now that will be a fitting celebration of Midsummer!

Perhaps this weekend we will create a little celebration for ourselves anyway... I may have mentioned this before, but just in case you were interested, I often use The Modern Pagan (How to live a Natural Lifestyle in the 21st Century) by Brian Day for inspiration as I work to create family traditions for my girls. 

A lot of 'pagan' tradition has been common to me my entire life, assimilated, as much of it was into, Christianity. I also studied Gaelic Folklore in University and so have a good understanding of  most of the festivals/rituals involved in earth-centric celebration here in Ireland.

It is important to me that my little ones will grow up with a sense of connection to the earth, an understanding of how it works and how it can provide them with everything they need. I want them to be filled with wonder and respect for our beautiful planet and to discover their place in the grand scheme of it all.

I feel these small traditions are a vital part of instilling that connection. Taking the time to notice the regular, but incredibly amazing, shifts and changes in our seasons is a simple but immensely worthwhile pursuit... to me at least.

What about you? Do you celebrate these kinds of things?

P.S. My sister's baby has arrived. All is well. I am an Auntie!!! eeep! Expect a post all about how great it is to be an aunt for the first time very soon!


  1. congrats on official auntiedom!

    i can relate to having the best of intentions, but inspiration just skipping the invitation so that i end up doing something trivial instead. if i was going to that solstice party, i would probably be saving up all my juju for that too!

    thanks for the link to modern pages, i'm off to check that out. xo

  2. Thank you!
    Most of the reviews of the book are terrible (on amazon anyway) but a lot of the reasons some people don't like it are exactly the reasons I do! Like, the lack of pagan 'spirituality' and his constant references to the celts. There are lots of books about religious forms of paganism but this is the first one I've seen with a simpler approach. And the celts are my ancestors - so that works for me!


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