Tiny Love

I was almost ten years old when my little sister Saorla was born. I remember so well the excitement of her arrival, at Easter time. I bought my mother a pink-foil-wrapped, chocolate pig as a gift - all I could afford with my meagre pocket-money. I went to the hospital to visit them and sat on the edge of the hospital bed, slightly nervous as the tiny bundle was placed in my arms, but so happy to meet my new little sister!
I loved her (I still do). I was proud to be her big sister (I still am). I showed her off to my friends. I gave her a pet-name (Squirrel) and brought her everywhere with me. 
1993 maybe?

She was my living doll. My baby... but she is not a baby anymore...
Tiny details
Two weeks ago, my baby sister became a Mama. And I became an Aunt. I can barely express in words how happy I am about it! Saorla gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl. Elsie Rose. Healthy. Perfect. And so like her Mama it's unbelievable!
Tiny fingers
I was excited when she announced her pregnancy. My first thought was that the girls would have a new cousin and how fun that would be for them... and then a few minutes later it hit me that I would be an Aunt for the first time! Devo became an Uncle for the first time when he was four-years old. He has 16 nieces and nephews that I sort of inherited when we got married... but really they are his nieces and nephews and, as fond of them as I am (and some of them are so close in age to us we are good friends!) I have just now learned what it really is to be an Aunt. 
Tiny feet
It's a more intense feeling than I expected. I was happy and excited for Saorla to experience all the wild, crazy-amazing emotions of becoming a Mother, but, if I'm honest, I didn't really expect the crazy-amazing connection I feel with my new niece. I knew I would love her, of course, but I didn't realise how much. And it is so, so much.

I cried when my Mother called me to announce her birth. I had been waiting by the phone for two days, my heart leaping painfully into my chest each time it rang with no news.

Tears welled in my eyes when I visited Mother and baby in the hospital (the same one Saorla herself was born in) but this time I confidently reached for the tiny bundle offered. Held her close. Inhaled her new baby scent and just lost myself in the wonder of  it all.

Holding her, feeding her, cooing and talking to her immediately connects me to those wild first emotions of becoming a Mama myself. Remembering tiny details of early days with my babes that I thought almost forgotten in the fog of 'baby-brain', but instead, I find they have been stored up inside me in a secret compartment, where they can never be erased. Slumbering memories, awoken by the surprisingly strong grasp of this tiny new life.. 
Elsie Rose
Welcome to the family baby Elsie. I am so looking forward to the fun we will have. We are all in love with you. xxx


  1. Sadhbh, you are a beautiful writer. I can feel myself welling up which is unsurprising really as we all have the same emotional blood flowing through us and so many shared memories. We all remember Saorla's arrival, it was even exciting for us with you staying at our house. You will love being an aunt to Elsie, it is a truly special and different bond and you will sometimes feel as though you are their own parent, they are a part of you too and you get to treat them and be a favoured attendant to special occasions! Lile and Sabha now have an actual first cousin on your side...I am truly confident that they will grow up just as close as we all have done. x See you at Nana's birthday party

  2. Thanks cuz xxx
    That's so true - I do almost feel she could be mine. It's an amazing bond:)


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