Deciding to ditch the plastic is working out quite well so far. The girls have far less toys, but they are actually spending longer playing with the things they do have. They have not yet, not even once, looked for any of the items which are still sitting in bags behind closed doors. (I still haven't worked out what happens next)

This is what we have now:

play kitchen (which came from Santa), with wooden cutting fruit and some assorted pots/pans/teapot/cups/etc and a couple of wooden spoons.  There is also a little sweeping brush, a mop and a dustpan and brush, which were Christmas gifts from my parents. the kitchen is played with every day, several times a day.

An assortment of wooden blocks which get played with most days, but the girls are still at the 'build a tower - knock it down immediately' stage, so play is still not too creative in that area!

A few generic plastic cars and one wooden Brio 'Hello Kitty car, which Lile is particularly fond of and plays with every day.

A few wooden puzzles and two pull-along wooden animals, which get played with from time to time.

Some musical instruments, shakers, bells and a ukelele. There are plans to expand on this.

A dressing up basket, which needs work.

Several soft-toys which take turns at being adored. Two  'baby doll-sized' Rag-dolls (Nelly and Nelly-Eile) which are great favourites for the past year and two little Rag-dolls (Ruby and Florence) which are also great favourites and even made the trip to London and back with us.

A wooden fort, which was Devo's when he was a little boy, and perhaps his brother's before that. The girls call it 'Dada's house' assemble the assorted buildings and drive the cars in and out of the gate. This play is expanding all the time.

A small wooden train set (similar to this one, but simpler), which they enjoy, but need help with setting up. They are really interested in it and I think they will enjoy it more and more as time passes.

Books, lots and lots and lots of books. The current favourite being The Tiger Who Came to Tea, by Judith Kerr. I must have read it at least 50 times this past weekend.

We also have a Dollhouse, (currrently referred to as Mama's House) which an Uncle made for me when I was young. It has been sitting in their room for two weeks now, completely empty. The girls are eager to play with it, but I hadn't yet been able to source the right furniture or find the time to make some.

And then today we hit the Jackpot!

I was chatting to my sister last night and she casually mentioned that there was to be some wooden doll house furniture making an appearance at a certain German supermarket this week. After a bit of a wild goose chase today (four stores visited were completely sold out- in one day - who knew dolls houses were so popular in these parts!!), we finally scored the complete set for a ridiculously low price.

We have far, far far, too much furniture to fit into our little house, but then, the girls are far too little to need this much stuff in their little house.

For now I have assembled a basic 'home'.

Enough for a beginning.

A Kitchen.

A Living Room.

A Bedroom.

The quality of the furniture is wonderful and I can immediately foresee a larger doll house in our future, one that the girls and I can build on and customise and craft for. Something that will grow with them.

... now all we need are some dolls for the doll house Anyone know where one might find non-identical twin dolls the right scale???

I might just have to craft some emergency peg-dolls  - I'm eager to play myself!!


  1. I got some dolls on German amazon, approx 1:12 scale, no twins though. I'll be finding out tomorrow if my friend managed to get me some of the doll house furniture in said supermarket, while I was on holidays!

    You could also check your local buy-and-sell facebook group!

  2. Hey Sadhbh,

    i hope they're still playing with the lovely pieces of plastic i gave for their birthdays?!!!
    do you remember my sindy dollhouse? square box which had 2 rooms, 1 half carpeted and 1 half lino....how i loved that...aw!
    x shealie

  3. They actually are Cuz!
    Lile loves that little car (she's really into cars)and the little girls are the only dolls we have that fit into the dolls house!

    I loved your Sindy house. It was the coolest thing!


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