Not making mountains out of milestones

Yesterday, was my birthday. I turned 35. It is not officially a milestone, but 35 is still a fairly significant number as I am now FIRMLY in my mid-thirties. I'm the kind of person who LOVES birthdays. I love getting presents. I love people thinking about me. I love being treated to breakfast/lunch/dinner/a night out (or all of those things). I love taking a day off work and spending it with my family. (I always do this!)

What I do NOT like - is the numbers creeping up.

I have always freaked out at milestone birthdays. I did not have the customary big party for my 18th birthday, nor for my 21st birthday, probably because I wasn't ready to celebrate becoming an 'Adult'. Turning 25 was even worse. Halfway to 50 was NOT appealing! Turning 30 was probably the worst. I did have a big party, but only because I thought I should, but it wasn't really me... and I wasn't really myself at that time. I didn't really know who I was, or what I wanted... it was all a bit uuuuggghhhh... I'm thhhiiiirrrttttyyy... W.T.F.....

Five years later, and things are completely different. Thirty-five feels surprisingly good!

In fairness, my priorities have changed a bit since turning thirty. I now have 3-year old twins to distract me. Not only do they not give me a minute to navel-gaze about how much older I'm getting or how many things I haven't achieved, but they inspire me to have a more positive approach to life in general and to look forward to being around for a long time to come.
A walk by the reservoir
Actually, I feel better than I have in years. I have changed my diet significantly this past couple of months and my neighbour (who I have only recently met - even though she has lived two doors down for the past three years!) and I have started training using the C25K app - which is completely brilliant. We're in week five now and I find that we are hitting our stride. I look forward to each session - I have never looked forward to exercise EVER - so it must be good!

I have finally, FINALLY cut out wheat completely from my diet and stopped the nasty pizza habit I picked up when I was pregnant and carb-crazy and somehow forgot to quit... for three years.... even though I'm wheat intolerant...

I have also cut out all other junk/processed food and have not succumbed once in over 6 weeks. It feels good.
Yesterday, I enjoyed my birthday - I didn't make a mountain out of the milestone. I enjoyed the day. The sun even came out!

I like 35. It suits me. I know (mostly) who I am and where I am and what makes me happy and that's the best feeling in the world.

I am lucky. Truly lucky.


  1. Hi Sadhbh,

    This is Beatriz. I am David Doyle's partner, we have met a couple of times!

    I have found your blog via Irish Parenting blogs. What a surprise! Your twins look gorgeous and so big!

    Anyway, I run a parenting website called and I am looking for parent bloggers who would like to write for the Meetmums blog. If you want to know more, send me an email to and we can have a chat!


  2. Hi Bea!
    What a surprise indeed!

    I haven't seen you or Davey around in ages!I'm sure your little man is getting big too!

    I'll definitely drop you a line, thanks so much for the invitation :)

  3. Happy Birthday Sadhbh! I am glad to hear you are enjoying your age more as the years pass.
    I now dread my children's birthdays more than my own! My twins 5th birthday is in 2 days! I'm never ready for my kids to grow up! My eldest will turn 11 this summer! It is lovely to watch them grow too though, I just can't understand how I am the mother of an almost 11yr old!
    I did a few 5km runs last year...I couldn't run 500m at the start. It is such an amazing feeling to do it, and enjoy it. I always felt I wouldn't be able. Good on you! I reckon running is mostly a mental battle!
    Your girls are getting so big..not babies anymore. It's always lovely to see them.


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