There is Sunshine

... and it is glorious! Summer is here.

We are on the final countdown to my Parental Leave. Every morning this week the girls have been counting on their tiny fingers, how many more days Mama will go to work. Today it was three, currently their favourite number.

It's exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measure, this 'living without a steady income for 5 months' thing. There is a sort of mantra running through my head these days... Surely we are resourceful enough to manage... surely we can do it... surely we ARE doing it... surely we WILL make it work...

I have always taken the steady route, forsaking the Drama part of my Degree and my original desire for a job as a costume designer for a more secure, government funded job using the Irish (Gaelic) part of my Degree.

Hey, at least I'm doing something related to my Degree, right?... right?

The thought of living by the seat of my pants has always made me nervous, especially now that I have people depending on my dependability. Yet, another part of me feels that I have never given myself a chance to trust my own instincts, never pushed myself to follow my heart... until now.

This Parental Leave is very much a case of following my heart... I WANT so much to be at home with my girls before they start on their first journey into the wider world, by starting in NaĆ­onra in September. I want to be there as they transition from being with family to being with strangers (well, at first they will be strangers), helping them to trust that the world is a wonderful and exciting place.

I also want to try allowing myself to follow long held dreams and just see what happens... afterall, there is still a safety net after 5 months. I can return to the way things are now and honestly, they are not half bad!

The sunshine this week is filling me brimful of optimism, so if I could just guarantee that this wonderful weather would stick around for at least another week - then I am sure everything will be amazing!

...Especially the potty training I am undertaking this weekend (with a, heretofore, stubborn little someone) as my first order of Parental Leave business... that will be incredible... right?


  1. Good luck with the potty training! I heard girls "get it" much quicker than boys ;)

  2. Thanks Bea! One twin was trained in less than 24 hours - amazingly easy, the other has been extraordinarily stubborn about it - but she's just coming round to the idea now and I am beyond ready to be finished with nappies!!


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