My sister got married

 ... and it was the most amazing wedding ever.

We are in the midst of an extremely rare heatwave here in Ireland and the wedding day was beautiful. The weather did add something extra special to the festivities, but it would have been wonderful no matter what the weather was like.

The recipe for a good wedding, it seems, might be this:

A fun couple who truly love each other.
Family and good friends who love the lovely couple.
Delicious food and great music.
Lots of sweet little personalised details (blog post coming soon!)
A stunning location.

Topping (optional):
Sunshine and Mediterranean temperatures.

I am so happy to have been a part of their special day. I am so happy to welcome Niall into our family, though he has been welcome since the start. I am so happy that my sister is happy and that she had the day of her dreams.

I am fervently wishing them all the best for their future together.

Congratulations Cáit and Niall!


  1. Surely meeting me must have been your highlight?

  2. sounds like a perfect day - completely agree with you on the ingredients for a good wedding. And your sister looks beautiful

  3. Absolutely Arthur! Not only the highlight of the wedding - but the highlight of my life. But I had to write the post about Cáit and Niall - I couldn't have them thinking the day wasn't all about them ;)

  4. Thanks Office Mum :) She's a gorgeous girl alright.


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