Is it still Lúnasa?

The girls keep asking me if it is still Lúnasa. Technically it is, you see, as the Irish (Gaelic) for the month of August is Lúnasa. I have been having to regularly explain that Lúnasa - the festival and Lúnasa- the month are two different things. I think what they are really asking, though, is "Can we celebrate Lúnasa everyday?" Because we had so much fun!
We actually managed to tick lots of things off our Lúnasa List. More than I imagined we would.
We began our day with leaf-printing and baking. We made blueberry muffins. Well, chocolate-blueberry muffins actually. I wanted blueberry muffins. The girls wanted chocolate muffins. We compromised. The chocolate-blueberry muffin was born!

They were delicious!

In the afternoon, we packed up a few muffins and some apples and headed out to our favourite river-side spot. I know I had a hill in mind, but I let the girls call the shots. It was a hot day and splashing around in cool water was a much better idea than hiking uphill!
We found a lot of blackberries along the way, but they weren't ready for consumption.

The girls spent two entire hours in the river, while I sat on the bank and listened to them play sweetly together. I watched countless insects pass me by. Dragonflies, butterflies, grasshoppers, bees, wasps, flies, spiders, caterpillars, things I have no name for. Their din was incredible. The sun shone and afterwards, my girls both managed to walk all the way back to the car without asking to be carried once. For the first time ever! Which was good, because I was on my own with them.

When we got home, we assembled our Autumn Nature Table. We used the leaf prints as a back-drop and added a sprig of not-yet-ripe blackberries to the table. We lit the candle and wished each other a Happy Lúnasa, before blowing it out.

A sweet end to a sweet day.

P.S. You can find a little video of our time by the river on the Facebook page and on Instagram. It's my first ever video!


  1. So lovely, especially the photo of the girls by the stream! Days like that make you glad to be alive :-)

  2. Thank you Emily. And I so agree, it was absolutely one of those days where we were full of the joys of life! One of those days I'll strive to remember in the cold grip of winter ;)


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