Late for Lughnasadh

I'm late as usual. But not really.

I feel like I should have made a point of celebrating Lúnasa over the bank holiday weekend, but that didn't happen, because there was another family wedding and it was really good fun... and I'm just about recovered 3 days later... Happily, as I scrambled to pull together a last minute celebration I discovered I didn't really miss it after all.

Traditionally Lughnasadh (Lúnasa) would be celebrated on August 1st in these parts... but apparently, the full moon is on the 7th of August this year, and that is just as good a time to celebrate as any. Also, the fact that my children are still young enough to have no real idea of days and weeks and which is which, I can still get away with celebrating anything I like at whatever time suits!

So, tomorrow is the 7th and I am planning on marking Lúnasa in a very simple way with my girls.

Actually, we already marked it by recently, by accident. Traditionally bilberries or fraochán were picked at this time of year and made into a pie. As I have no idea where to even begin looking for them in the wild, we, instead, picked the first ripe blackberries we came across last week. They happened to be in a friend's garden, along with a bumper crop of Loganberries. The girls picked a handful of each and when we got home we put them in little ramekins and topped them with a sprinkle of sugar and a simple crumble topping. They ate them for dessert, and they were delicious!

If we can make it out for a walk near some hedgerows, we might just repeat the experience tomorrow.

If the weather doesn't permit, we will spend some of the day changing our nature table from Summer to Autumn. It is looking a little tired at the moment, as we drift out of high Summer, and the little Summer fairy is ready to retire and let her Autumn cousin take over!

I have some old corn dollies to use, that I was given as a child, which I'm sure the girls will love. (I'm hoping they don't get destroyed during their time centre stage!). A bunch of dry grass will decorate the table and we might do some leaf prints using red and yellow paint to hang above it. I also have an orange coloured candle, which we will light after the table is decorated so that they know that what we are doing is significant.

Over the course of the Autumn, this table will house all manner of 'found' things. In time, there will be conkers, sweet horse chestnuts and a huge variety of colourful leaves, but I think at the beginning of each season, there should be simplicity.

Other things I would like to do tomorrow include:
Baking bread
Baking blueberry muffins
Climbing a hill
(and eating the bread & muffins at the top of the hill - and possibly some blackberries picked along the way)

But there is only so much I can realistically fit into one day with the girls!

Oh! And I almost forgot!

I like to celebrate Lúnasa too. I don't do it just for my girls' benefit. For the past two years, at this time of year, I have signed up for the Bioregional Swap, hosted by the lovely Mary at Terrallectualism. It's an incredible way to connect with someone new and get the sense of a place you'll, perhaps, never be. Do pop over and have a look, I've signed up already for year three and I'm busy preparing for assembling my parcel. It's definitely become my way of marking the onset of Autumn and I've found that by taking part it has made me much more aware of the abundance all around us at this time of year - even in urban areas, like where I live.

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