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I was recently approached by Tesco to do a review of their online shopping service and they kindly offered me €50 with which to try it. At first I wasn't sure. I've never done sponsored posts before and suddenly I'm bombarding you with two in one month. I'm not sure how I feel about doing these kinds of posts yet, but as there are no more in the pipeline, I probably don't have to worry about it too much anyway...

What swung it in the end though, was the fact that I am reaching the end of my Parental Leave. I have had no income for over 4 months now and funds are dwindling. To be honest, an extra bit of cash towards grocery shopping was something that was difficult to turn down, so I agreed to avail of the opportunity. They also provided me with a special offer for my readers (see below), so that was nice of them too. 

The first person I knew who used Tesco's online shopping service was a friend who suffered with postnatal depression. One symptom of which, was severe anxiety attacks in supermarkets. Online grocery shopping made her life a lot easier so I always thought it was a good idea.

I used to use Tesco for mental health reasons too. Although, I used the bricks and mortar version. It was a place to go late at night, when nothing else was open, and my twins were small and I just NEEDEDTOGETOUTOFTHEHOUSEFORAWHILE.

I'd wander the aisles like a zombie, ostensibly shopping for essentials, but really just trying to gather myself and feel untethered for a little while. 

Having newborn twins could be overwhelming at times.

Because of this, I had never really considered using the delivery service, but I have always used Tesco for things I can't get in the supermarket that is in walking distance to my house. Things like Spelt flour, Quinoa and Quorn products, so this was a perfect opportunity to stock up on some of those essentials, without even leaving the house!

I found the website itself easy to navigate. There is a straightforward registration process and if you have a shopping list in mind already (which I did) it is easy to find the things you're looking for with the search bar. I liked that they let me know if there was a special offer attached to any of the products I chose so that I could decide whether or not to avail of it. I also like how the site makes a note of your 'favourites' so that if I use the service again, it should be even faster to do my shopping. It does take a good hour the first time... but maybe that's just me...

I imagine online grocery shopping might help some people refrain from impulse shopping too, so that it should be easier to save money... but, unfortunately, I am easily distracted and couldn't help wandering away from the virtual grocery aisles to see what kind of other stuff I could get delivered to my door...

Craft Stuff, Nail Polish and Bubblebath. You know... the essentials!

Getting groceries delivered to the door is actually a bit of a thrill - almost as good as getting exciting post... especially if you sneak in a few fun things with the bonus cash! 

The delivery guy was really nice and helpful (and arrived two minutes early too) he carried everything into the kitchen so that all I had to do was put everything away.  No lugging heavy bags, just instantly replenished store cupboards.

All in all, it's a good service and would be useful under lots of circumstances. If you have no car for example and want to avoid over using the local convenience store. If you are ill and can't get to the shops. If you are a single parent... or, let's face it... a parent who is short of time. If the weather is awful and you can't face getting soaked and lugging heavy bags... actually there's no reason not to try it!

If you'd like to give it a go, here's a special offer:

Offer Details
€20 off when you spend €60 or more on your first online grocery shop at
eCoupon code: RXXF4NC
Offer end date: 20th October 2013
Full terms and conditions can be found at

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