An Exciting Weekend

And some shameless self promotion...

This past weekend has been kind of crazy and, if I don't record it now, I am liable to not believe it all actually happened!

Friday morning brought the Postman and with him a copy of my first ever published magazine article! How exciting! I wrote it for Brigid's Fire, Ireland's Pagan Magazine and it's a feature about celebrating the seasons with young children. The piece has a specific Pagan slant (obviously), but I think it is also relevant to anyone who enjoys seasonal celebrations. Even though I am not a Pagan, and would not necessarily share the same beliefs as the magazine's core audience I am definitely earth reverent and love to mark seasonal changes. Paganism, Celtic history and Folklore are also subjects I have studied and have a great interest in, so I enjoy reading the magazine very much and am glad to have been able to contribute to it.

I will actually have a small column about seasonal celebrations for young children in future editions too, which I am very excited about developing.

You can CLICK HERE to read my first piece, if you like!
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Back (L-R): Carmel Harrington, The Dares, Looking for Blue SkyMind the Baby

Saturday evening, I attended the Irish Blog Awards and got a chance to meet up with lots of brilliant bloggers in real life! I wasn't a finalist or anything, but I thought it would be fun to see what other bloggers looked like and I was genuinely rooting for some finalists that I'm very fond of so I went along anyway. By the end of the night our table was heaving under the weight of four award trophies and I now have faces to go with many of the fantastic and gorgeous Irish Parenting Bloggers Group. Such fun!

Sunday found me on the road again, journeying west to the wilds of Galway in preparation for a TV appearance on Monday!!! It was VERY exciting. The whole thing. Spending a night away, eating a quiet breakfast with just the Atlantic Ocean for company, arriving at the studio for hair and make-up and then actually going into a studio in front of cameras and speaking about issues in Irish society on the new 'Róisín' show. I loved every minute of it!

When we finished filming the show, I got back in my car and was home again in time to watch it on TV with Devo that evening. (It is an Irish language show, so it was filmed 'as live' but they film early so that subtitles can be added before airing). I felt positively sick with nerves before it came on TV, but I have had such positive feedback from it that I'm quite delighted with myself now!

It's live on the TG4 player at the moment (which broadcasts globally, if you feel inclined to have a look or are interested in what the Irish language sounds like in real life!) and if I can figure out how to get my hands on a copy of it I might eventually put on a video sharing site so that I can have a permanent record of how good my hair looked that day ;)! (I really wanted to bring the hair/make up girl home with me!)

I will be going back to work in less than two weeks and I know my days will start flying even faster than they do at present. I am so grateful for the time my Parental Leave has afforded me. I have had free reign to explore new things in my life, while of course enjoying precious time with my little ones. New doors of opportunity have been opening up all around me and, while I'm not sure where any of them will lead, I am enjoying peeping around them to see what might be.

I am a lucky girl.


  1. What a fantastic weekend! And you're so right to record it here - I think that's such a lovely element to blogging, using it as a diary, a way of remembering fabulous times. And yes, wow, the hair on the Roisin show was gorgeous! Not that it wasn't gorgeous on Saturday night too :)

  2. Thanks Office Mum! So nice to meet you again on Saturday. Yes, I think that's the reason I started blogging really. I have such a terrible memory that I'd never remember anything if I didn't record it somewhere - though why I chose to do it publicly I'll never know - ha!

  3. Wow, busy mama! You look only gawjus on the telly, too :) Enjoy the last few days of paternal leave x

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment. Mwah! xxx


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