Bleugh, Bleugh, Bleuuuuuugh.

That, my friends,  pretty much sums up the last two weeks.

Sickness has swept through my house for 14 days leaving no one unscathed. Bleughness catching up with each and every one of us, one by one. A vile tummy bug for each of us unlucky girls and a nasty influenza style virus for poor Devo.

There were various attempts at me going back to work as planned and the girls returning to Naíonra after their mid-term break over that time, but we had to admit defeat and retreat to our sick beds.

The housework piled up. The TV was on for too long everyday. None of us ate very much.

We began to suffer cabin-fever on top of everything else.

There was no energy for anything except getting better.

And eventually, after what felt like an eternity, we did.

Sunday dawned bright and dry. Instead of trying to eke out a tiny lie-in like we do every weekend, our desperate pleading falling mutely against the clamouring protestations of the girls, we parents realised we had actually had enough of being in bed. That we actually finally felt kind of ok and might like to leave the house for a change.

We wrapped up carefully and headed out into the crisp November air for breakfast in, possibly, the only café in our locality that opens early on a Sunday. There was juice and eggs and spelt toast and tea. Lots of tea.

Afterwards we took a drive along the back roads, up over the mountains to Glendalough and  spent a while amongst the ruins of the monastic city. The girls called as loudly as they could to Rapunzel in her tower, but surmised that she must have already been rescued, as she didn't answer.

We played Pooh-sticks on the numerous little bridges, wandered through the maze of ancient headstones and 'castles'. Looked for fairies off the beaten track and even had an opportunity to meet a chubby little feathered friend.

It was such a welcome change and absolutely revitalising to be out and about in nature again after weeks of feeling hemmed in by four walls. A perfect antidote to the misery we had all wallowed in for days on end. and a great way to prepare us for this week. A week that sees me properly back at work. Full time. The girls back at Naíonra and Devo back at the helm as King Dada.

Balance has been restored.

Health is everything.


  1. Oh you poor things :-( nothing bloody worse... Your Sunday morning though sounded like bliss!

    1. It was Emily. In fact the whole day was an absolute tonic. It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes when you're ill, but when it comes, it is just magic!

  2. i'm glad you're better and thank you for taking us along on the stroll through the countryside! also, i am going to fly over there and dose your family with elderberry syrup and astragalus. and fire cider! dang girl, get you and the hubbs some fire cider!

    1. Do fly over! We'd love to have you look after us! Actually, we'd be quite happy to just have you visit!! Fire cider is a new one on me. Never heard tell of it on this side of the world, but I'm assuming I can concoct some myself.... off to google!


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