Letters to Santa

December is only two weeks away and, although every year I try to keep Christmas out of my mind until December first, I would be lying if I said I hadn't been thinking about it already.

I have been thinking about what tiny surprises I'd like to put in our Advent calendar. I have been thinking about Christmas dinner. I have been thinking about gifts for my loved ones. I have been thinking about crafting. I have also been thinking about time off work, despite the fact that I've only just started back!

Lile and Sábha, however, have been thinking about ONE thing and one thing only.


This is the first year that they really and truly understand who Santa is and, more importantly, what he does for a living.
Last years haul

They remember that we wrote him letters last year and that the scooters they requested materialised on Christmas morning.

They remember that we had special paper to write the letters on.

They remember that we posted them up the chimney and that they magically flew up and away to the North Pole.

They are eager to write to him again.

Last year, other than buying special paper we didn't make a huge deal about writing letters to Santa, but nevertheless, the girls have remembered everything about it.

This year I'd like to make it even more special for them and start a new family tradition on the First of December.

We will have a little 'Letters to Santa' party here at home.

A tiny party. Just for my two girls.

Really natural smiles on Christmas Eve 2012

I've been gathering ideas:

Party Inspiration:
This Party is gorgeous, but I can't imagine we'll be able to sit outdoors for ours!

This Party is also really sweet, I love the old typewriter and I have access to one, so that could be something I could use. (That last link will take you to an amazing piece about my Sister's Wedding, see if you can spot the typewriter!)

We'll obviously need stationery too! This is lovely and this printable one is really cute, but knowing me, I'll slave away and make my own. Or, rather, I'll set up a crafting session for the girls to create their own. I have a few ideas brewing already.

It wouldn't be a party without treats, so I have been snooping around on Pinterest trying to find some ideas. I am in LOVE with these and they'd be a healthier option too. I might have to try these though - they are a bit naughty and a bit nice, so I think they'd be perfect!

There are a few other ideas over on my fledgling Pinterest account. Do pop over if you feel so inclined!

Other ideas:
If planning an extra festive party on top of everything else is just not your thing (I'm a glutton for punishment), I have spotted a couple of other unique ways to make writing letters to Santa more memorable this year.

1. The organisation I work (and blog) for has teamed up with Santa to provide Irish (Gaelic) speaking kids with answers 'as Gaeilge' to their Santa letters. You can pop over here to get more info... but be warned - it's all in Irish!

2. I had a lovely meeting at a special Bloggers Breakfast with Manab Roy from Disney PR earlier this week. He was really keen to tell us all about their 'Share in the Magic' charity campaign, which invites families across the UK and Ireland to post their own Letter to Santa at their local Disney Store or online HERE and do something special for local Children's charities at the same time. In Ireland, for every letter that is posted in-store or online, the Disney Store on Dublin’s Grafton Street will donate a soft toy to children through Children in Hospital Ireland

I think it's a lovely idea and really captures what the festive spirit is all about. Surely doing this will ensure your child a spot on the 'nice' list too!


  1. Lovely post and some great ideas... wish I was as organised as you are!

    I will remember to post our letters via the "share the magic" DIsney campaign though, a nice idea.

    1. I'm good with the ideas Naomi, but the execution is not always how I planned it in my head! The Disney thing is lovely, I think I might just have to write a letter of my own too ;)

  2. Sadhbh, your girls would probably love this, although it is expensive to buy the set online I found buying a cheap little elf, then santa writing them a letter explaining the elf and his rules works just as well. http://www.elfontheshelf.com/content/about-us It is such a wonderful tradition and our elf tends to get into a lot of mischief at night like throwing toilet paper, gorging on food etc. It entertains for years. (if the link doesn't work simply google Elf on the shelf)

    1. I have seen Elf on the Shelf on a few blogs and meant to find out more about it. Thanks so much for the timely reminder and the link! I think you're right, my girls would absolutely LOVE this! I might have to go 'elf shopping' on my lunch break ;)


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