Letters to Santa Party

Hooray! We have been waiting and waiting for December 1st to come so that we could write our letters to Santa and finally (finally!) commit the ever expanding wish-lists of a pair of imaginative three-year-olds to paper once and for all. 

I wanted to start a new tradition with the girls this year and make the start of Advent really memorable for them. Also, as this is my last weekend free of work commitments until Christmas, I wanted to make it extra special. So, I put together the Letters to Santa Party I had been planning, before lunch today!

I set out a little table beside the Advent Calendar with some notepaper from the book pictured (here's one similar) and some special treats. I always have the best intentions when it comes to baking for these little events, but time is usually my enemy and being back at work, it is even more against me than usual, so I cheated and splashed out on some sweet treats from M&S.
  • Gold dusted mini-brownies
  • Mini-Gingerbread men 
  • Pink Cranberry Lemonade

... and some Candy Canes. The first my girls had ever seen in real life!

At first they were more interested in the treats, but we did manage to eventually put down on paper what they would like Santa to bring.

Sábha hopes for a toy fox, a unicorn book and a surprise.

Lile hopes for a fairy toy, a fairy book and a surprise.

We had done some watercolour printing the day before and used the girls' creations as envelopes for their letters, using some washi tape and some red ribbon to seal them.

Then, it was off to the chimney to post them. 

Job done, we all went upstairs to get cleaned up for our trip to see the Cinderella pantomime at a local school and by the time we came back downstairs the letters had gone! We can only assume that they are making their way to the North Pole and that they'll be with Santa soon.

The excitement is building!!


  1. That's gorgeous! We have been building a letter tradition in recent years that involves hot chocolate and mince pies and then a Christmas movie after but I love your table layout - might be borrowing (more of) your ideas next year!

    1. Thanks Office Mum! Ooh, mince pies and hot chocolate sounds good! We watched a Christmas movie beforehand, to get us in the mood - or rather to buy me time to put the party together ;)


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