Monday, 31 March 2014

My Mother's Day Birthday

March and April is always a hectic time of year for our family. There are many, many birthdays between March and April not just Lile and Sábha's - (which is in just TWO days time!! EEEK!!) Devo has his birthday in early April too. 

In fact both of my sister's, my brother in law AND everyone in my little family except me ALL have their birthdays between the 30th of March and the 11th of April. There are also cousins, aunts and uncles celebrating birthdays at this time and before April is out my Mother-in-Law and a few friends will also have celebrated the turning of another year.

It's insane.

In fairness, I don't buy gifts for anyone outside my immediate family and I try to keep things cheap and cheerful for the girls gifts because I like to give them a cool party, and really, the party memories will stay with them longer than any toy.

Yesterday was Mother's Day too. Which meant more gifts to remember and love to show. Sábha called it my 'Mother's Day Birthday' and it felt like one. I was brought breakfast, gifts and handmade cards in bed. There were flowers and lunch out and later, ice-creams on the beach. I saw my Mama, my Mother-in-Law and one of my Grandmothers and all in all had a gorgeous day.

Today, I am in work, feeling a little jetlagged from the clocks springing forward on Saturday night. I am taking the day off for the girls birthday on Wednesday and there will be a big party with all their cousins this Saturday too. Such fun! (and probably a wee bit of stress too as I pull together the 'Cat and Fox' theme the girls want!)

Also, Lile finally mastered the 'letter e' and can now fully write her name. Though she still likes how it looks the 'old way' too. She taught herself how to do this and I couldn't be more proud!


  1. Wow, busy busy few weeks!! Very cute name writing, what a great milestone :)

    1. It is very busy! But lots of fun too. Thanks for stopping by lovely Emily xx

  2. The writing is so cute, I love baby writing. Happy Birthday to them all, and Happy mammyversary to you.

    1. Thanks Sinéad! I love baby writing too, nothing cuter x

  3. Busy busy :) hope you all have lots of birthday fun :) love her writing :)


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