Pancake Tuesday

We love pancakes in this house. Actually, we make pancakes quite regularly, because they are delicious and frankly,I can't imagine only having them once a year. We will probably have pancakes a few times today. We've already had some for breakfast and there is plenty of batter left for later. We made our batter using whole grain Spelt flour. This means I don't feel so guilty piling on the indulgent toppings!
Sábha, chief batter mixer.
This is the recipe I use but I omit the salt and use a different method to mix it all together, as I found the method described made my batter lumpy. Probably because I always make it last minute and don't have the patience to let it stand for an hour!

To make it lump free and ready to go straight away, I crack the eggs into the measuring jug and whisk them up before adding the milk up to the 660ml. You could add a little extra milk, to make up the deficit, but it's not necessary.

Add the liquid to the flour bit by bit, whisking constantly with a balloon whisk.

I use coconut oil or vegetable oil in the pan to cook them up. They are delicious and very popular with my girls - which is always a bonus!
My breakfast. Tea, Pancakes with Maple Syrup and a magazine subscription I'd forgotten about!
Hope you're all having a Happy Pancake Day!

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