Marvellous Magnets

Our fridge is often groaning under the weight of the vast reams of artwork my children produce on a daily basis. Every time we open it one of the flimsy animal magnets the girls have had since they were babies collapses from exhaustion and a beautiful *ahem* masterpiece flutters to the ground.

I get tired of picking them up and rearranging the magnets time and time again to try and hold everything together. But, if the *ahem* masterpieces are left on the ground the girls get upset. Or, if the *ahem* masterpiece does get picked up, it usually gets flung in the recycling bin out of sheer frustration.

Then the girls notice it missing.

Then they get VERY upset.

(*I must get that cough checked*)

So, I was absolutely thrilled when the lovely Patricia from Colorines Wonderful sent me a gorgeous gift recently. A set of personalised fridge-magnets. One for each member of the family. They are cute and colourful and most importantly STRONG. And they look gorgeous holding all of the precious, precious scribbles up for everyone to admire.

I love Patricia's quirky blog. She hand-draws each colourful post about her adventures in parenthood in a really unique way so it came as no surprise to me that she recently decided to branch out and start using her talents elsewhere.

Patricia started her etsy shop a little while ago offering hand-painted, fully customised mugs. She then started offering adorable tea-pots and has now just launched the latest product to her store - these wonderful magnets!

Each product is hand-painted to order and you can give any details you like to her to add in. Such a great gift idea.

To celebrate, she will be hosting a giveaway on her Facebook page for you to win your very own set of magnets. Do check it out and enter!

Note: This review is entirely my own opinion and I was not paid to give it. I did, however, receive these fabulous magnets from Patricia - lucky girl that I am.


  1. They are AMAZING!!!! So cute and perfect!

  2. Oh how lovely... they'd be a lovely gift for any house!

    1. They make a great gift. Actually, they'd be a perfect house warming gift too, wouldn't they!


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