5 Today

Where Wishes Come From is five years old today!

Well, actually, it was officially five years old - three days ago - but I only realised the date had passed, without my noticing, late last night.

The girls and I belatedly celebrated with cake today because... well, you can't have a birthday without cake, can you?

Sábha was a little bit confused about the notion of a blog having a birthday. Not that she really understands what a blog is anyway. When I asked her what she thought it was, she just said "Blogging is when Mama is working on her computer." and she's mostly right... if we pretend faffing around on Facebook is 'work'. Or, indeed, if we consider blogging 'work'. Which I don't, because I love it more than I've ever loved any job and also, because it doesn't earn me any money! 

Yet, in another way I DO look at it like work. I put a hell of a lot of hours into it and I am very serious about doing a good job. I'm newly-redundant too, so blogging, apart from parenting, is the only work I've got. It certainly feels nicer to say 'I'm a blogger' than 'I'm a dole-blodger' if anyone asks what I do

Thoughts and plans for this space fill my head and my quiet hours and lately, I have stayed up into the wee small hours tweaking and re-arranging the pages. (I do hope you like the new look.) I am excessively proud of the crafts, parties and fairies pages - which took me staying up until 2am, three nights running, to get right - would I do that for any other job?

Looking at this space now - it is abundantly clear to me how far it's come since the early days of not having a CLUE what to even write in this space. Or how to make it look the way I wanted it to. Or how to make it not just a mish-mashed-imitation of all the blogs I admired. It took me a shockingly long time to 'find my voice' and, believe it or not, it's only a little over a year since I realised what I even wanted this blog to be about!

This past year has seen me grow in confidence in my writing. Focus my content a little more. Begin to share my posts with a wider audience and even win an award... which I still can't quite believe.

It has brought me new opportunities, a few freebies, lots of new friends around the world and is a living record of my children's early years.

That last one. That's really the big one...

Sometimes I worry that my children will hate me for sharing these days with the world, when they weren't in a position to give their consent. Other times I think about how much I would love a record of my own unremembered days. The days my Mother can only remember in a fuzzy, merged-with-my-siblings kind of way. 

I am hopeful that in the future Lile and Sábha will see the things I share here for what they really are...

...my attempt to capture the best and brightest moments of our lives in the only way I know how and an attempt to express my endless love and devotion to my family - especially to the two little girls I am privileged enough to call my own.

Today, Sábha couldn't figure out how Where Wishes Come From would eat it's birthday cake and I explained to her that I was eating it on behalf of the blog. She seemed happy with that as an answer and even happier that she got to have cake too.

Now, I realise I was wrong in telling her that. I wasn't eating cake on behalf of the blog because the blog is me. 

I am Where Wishes Come From.

I was eating the cake to celebrate a massively important thing in my life that I have, over 5 - mostly stumbling- years created. I have been writing and photographing and making and doing and planning and geeking and WORKING here for 5 whole years of my life.

And I never even noticed because it's become an integral part of who I am. It's just something I DO.

And even if I never make a cent from this space. Or even if my kids ask me to take it all down in a couple of years time and never want to hear it mentioned again... it will still always be something I am proud of.

Something worth celebrating.


  1. Certainly worth celebrating :) congratulations!!

  2. Happy Blog Birthday. I love your blog, and I love the idea that it is you. I am amazed when I hear that others are blogging a while. How did I not know this world existed? Blogging is now one of my greatest joys in life.
    Hope your blog enjoyed it's birthday (remember it is you!)

    1. Thanks so much! I can't remember what I even DID on the internet before I discovered blogs! Don't feel bad that it's new (ish) to you, I didn't even realise there were so many Irish bloggers until about a year ago - I though there was only one or two of us wittering away to ourselves. I believed blogging to be a very 'American' thing that would never really catch on over here ;)

  3. Definitely something worth celebrating!

  4. What a lovely post and happy blog birthday! Great reason for cake :)

  5. Wonderful celebration and your love of writing really come through in the blog, love the new look too

  6. Happy birthday and gorgeous post. For what it's worth, I think our kids will be absolutely fine with these blogs we're writing - I'm with you, I'd love to have something like this about my own childhood. Enjoy the cáca milis!

    1. Thanks Office Mum! I appreciate that. Cáca milis was very much enjoyed ;0)


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