Count Your Wins

I recently wrote a little bit about counting wins and I've been trying to get into the habit of acknowledging the good things that happen in my days ever since. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by mundane things like the height of my laundry pile or the play dough trampled into the carpet I try to remember to focus on all the positive things in my day instead.

Some days the list is short and I fail to remember every little bright thing that winked at me throughout the day. Even though I know, that between the dirty dishes and the 'what the hell will I do with my life' thoughts, there are myriad beautiful things to be grateful for.

Some days my list might look like this:
  • The girls went into Naíonra without fussing
  • The sun shone
  • I made a dinner that everyone ate
That's not a bad list, really. Each of those is a valid day-maker. Three little wins.

These past few days, however, I haven't had much of a chance to count my wins, because my feet have barely touched the ground since Saturday.

But I'm here now. And I'm counting. Because weeks like these are rare.

Irish Parenting Bloggers!
The Blog Awards were held on Saturday night and even though I didn't actually WIN, there were still plenty of lovely things to be counted on the night and even more in the aftermath.

It's been quite a week!
  • So, I didn't 'win' the award for best craft blog in the traditional sense of the word but Saturday night's Blog Awards was still a massive win for me. Last year Where Wishes Come From made the Shortlist, but this year I made it all the way to the Finalist list, which is something I'm very proud of. (EvinOK very deservedly won the Craft award, in case you were wondering!)
  • The awards night on Saturday night was an excuse to dress up and get out to socialise with other bloggers (especially THIS gang) and have a laugh with the only other people on the planet that don't mind if you have your face stuck to your phone for half the night.
  • We got a great goodie bag with all kinds of lovely stuff inside. I'll be eating nothing but yogurt for the forseeable future courtesy of vouchers from Glenisk. I can't wait to visit Airfield with my family voucher and the tote bag it all came in, by Zazzle, is really handy and great quality.
  • The support and love shown by my family, friends and social media followers was INCREDIBLE in the run up to the awards night. I'm so grateful to everyone who cheered me on. I'm sorry I didn't get to bring home the trophy for you all, but I *may or may not have* borrowed stolen the centre piece from the table as a souvenir instead... Oh! And I got a certificate too. Who doesn't love a good certificate?!
It's a lamp.
  • Far and away the nicest thing that happened on the big night, actually one of the nicest things that have happened since I started blogging, was meeting Jessica from Zazzle who *knew* me from my blog and said some of the sweetest things ever about what I share here. I very nearly cried in front of her. She absolutely made my night. Thanks Jessica!
  • On Monday I was in Galway on a visit to TG4. I was invited to be on the Róisín show to talk about the blog awards, blogging and how my life has changed since the last time I was on the show. I was sick as a dog with nerves on the drive down, but it all went well in the end. Yay! You can have a look at it HERE. Don't worry, it's subtitled.
  • Then there was another video floating around youtube with another interview with me, which was filmed on Saturday night. My goodness, I get around!

There have been more exciting things since, but I feel like I'm borderline bragging. Or even outright bragging - so I'll save them for another post.

Weeks like these are rare and it's easy to tot up the wins when there are exciting things happening. It's tougher to remember to focus on the little positives in the ordinary day-to-day days, but they are just as important. Sometimes even more important.

This morning sees Sábha recover a little bit from an all night throwing up session.

That's win number one for today.


  1. So happy for you and your lovely week - you utterly deserve all of it. And you are right, we have to celebrate the positives. I have an email that I don't send anywhere except to myself, called "little things" where I keep track of good stuff. Celebrate every moment!

    1. Thank you!! Oh, I love the idea of of a 'little things' email. What a lovely simple way to be kind to yourself.

  2. What a fantastic winning week! Lovely to see you on Saturday night.

  3. So delighted with your "win week" you were great on da telly and so lovely to spend time with you on Saturday

    1. Thanks Naomi. So glad we got to hang out on Saturday. I'd love an excuse to see everyone again soon!

  4. Yay-such a great week for you!Delighted I got to meet you finally-such a legend of a night!


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