Another Free Santa Letter Printable

I shared a free Santa letter printable on this VERY day, last year. I think I'm accidentally starting  a tradition, because I have another one for you today!!

I enjoyed designing my new header (did you notice my new header?!) so much that I have been trying to doodle a bit more often. I used to draw quite a lot when I had the greeting card company, but I've fallen out of the habit since I sold the business to my lovely sister.

I really like sitting down with a few pens and pencils and trying to figure out how to draw things in my own style. I call it a style, but really, it's the only way I can draw - so now it's become my trademark. I never did art in school (much to my regret) so I have pretty much drawn the same way since I was a child. I don't mind though. I just pretend it's Naive Art, which is one of my favourite art styles anyway.

People seem to like it though. The cards I designed always sold well and continue to do so. And I've been getting some lovely compliments about my blog design lately. So that gives me confidence to just keep doing what I do.

My little pictures aren't to everyone's taste though. A woman at a craft fair once asked me, in a sneering tone, if I got a child to do the art on the cards I was selling. I felt a little bit awkward and ashamed admitting that it was me... and that it just looked as if a child had done it... but afterwards I didn't care, because her stall (selling very expensive plants) did very little business and I did REALLY well that weekend.

All that has nothing to do with writing letters to Santa though - does it?! And that's probably what you're here for.

Back to the task at hand...

Click HERE for the Santa Letter Printable and HERE for a few ideas on how to make writing those letters an even more special occasion.

Happy writing! I hope you get all you ask for!

Note: The attached printable is for personal use only and not to be used in any commercial way. Don't make Santa put you on the naughty list!


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