Plastic, I Mean, Christmas has Landed

This weekend we went to a Christmas craft fair, and a Christmas show. Tomorrow we're hanging our advent calendar, setting our buddies to work AND having our Letters to Santa Party. The day after that we are going to see the big man himself to show him in person just how 'nice' we are.

In short - the Christmas season has begun in earnest.

Last year the girls definitely 'got' the whole Christmas/Santa thing but this year is different. This year they know how it works. They understand that they can ask for things and Santa might just deliver on at least some of them. This year, the excitement is at fever pitch. 

They have been making lists since early November of what they would like. Well, I say lists... really they've just been screaming "I want that, I want that" at every single TV ad for every single toy. They don't watch massive amounts of TV and we mostly stick to channels that don't have ads when they do, but I'll admit that rule isn't always enforced. Anyway, if they didn't see the stuff on TV they see it in the supermarket aisles and shop windows often enough to know what they like. They hear about toys they've never even seen, in preschool, and ask for those too. It's obviously unavoidable. Unless you make them live under a rock, children will always find out what the hot toys are and covet them.

Lile wants a plastic toy laptop so badly she made her own.
Lile told me she was saving all her monies (she gets €2 'wages' from her great-grandmother every Friday). We had been discussing Christmas shopping and gifts we could make/buy for our loved ones so I thought she had decided to save her money for that reason - but no. As it turns out, Lile has plans to leave out a pile of cash for Santa. She wants to make sure she gets "loads of presents", so she's covering all bases. Just in case she can't keep it together and be nice for all of those days she'll just buy the damn stuff from him and be done with it.

I'm sure Santa wouldn't mind a wad of cash instead of the usual mince pie and WATER he gets served in this house. (Sábha insists on that because "water is the healthiest drink".. she obviously doesn't know what mince pies are made of...)

Until now, I've been a bit of a toy nazi. If it wasn't beautiful or wooden or aesthetically pleasing it didn't get past the front door. There were notable exceptions of course, but until this year I more or less had free reign on deciding what Santa would bring - and plastic tat didn't feature highly on the list.

This year, I don't think a single tree gave it's life to be fashioned into beautiful, imagination-firing toys for my children to ignore. This year the list is ALL plastic tat. Tiny plastic beads to make tiny plastic decorations with, a board game featuring a plastic Dinosaur that attacks you as you play, an electronic spider that draws for you - also plastic - and a Hello Kitty camper van filled with a million plastic 'bits'.

The things I wish they'd covet...
This year my children have found their voices, shunned the gorgeous, hand crafted, wooden toys and screamed for the stuff their peers want.

BUT, there is still time. None of it has been committed to paper yet....

We won't be writing our letters until tomorrow afternoon. I have maybe... 2 or three hours left in which to convince them that a traditional doll house or a fairy castle or a lovely dinosaur puzzle might be a good alternative to the stuff they have their hearts set on.

To be honest - I don't fancy my chances.


  1. Ha! Good luck changing those little minds! It's plastic fantastic all the way for you now!!!

    1. I'm doomed. I'll just foist the wooden stuff on my two little nieces instead - they're not old enough to complain ;)

  2. Oh yeah... **weep** I was under the delusion we would be an all-natural, wooden Eco toy only family.

    Turns out, we aren't :'(

    1. It is a great comfort to me that I am not alone, Emily x We shall weep together.

  3. Yup welcome to the club, it's tough alright, hope you managed to change a few minds (seriously doubt it though have failed miserably at the same endeavour here so far). Love those fairies!!

    1. It's so sad! I completely failed! Aren't the faeries amazing? Made in Roscommon if you can believe it. I spotted them at a craft fair and I'm in love!


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