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Chris Judge, the award winning author/illustrator of The Lonely Beast was a couple of years ahead of me at school. I went to university with his brother Simon and, through him, got to know Chris a little bit too. Even then, he was always involved in tons of interesting projects and it's fantastic to see him doing so well in the creative world now.

I'm a total fan-girl. 

I feel like I've been following his career trajectory forever and I'm always excited to hear about what he's up to next. His first book - The Lonely Beast - was (and still is) a massive hit with my girls. It, along with The Brave Beast is in constant rotation at story time. We also love The Great Explorer and we are excitedly looking forward to reading his latest book TiN, which is expected to arrive with Santa.

The Lonely Beast won the Irish Children's Book of the Year Award in 2011 - and deservedly so. The Beast is a rare creature, with very cool credentials. He is a shaggy, inky-black shape in a bright, colourful world. Chris was inspired by other hairy loners like Chewbacca or the wampa, or the Yeti from Tintin in Tibet. I'd highly recommend you check him out.

Chris and his brother Simon teamed up with James Kelleher of to produce a couple of Apps based on The Lonely Beast book and, even though I rarely let my girls use apps, I was one of the first 'adopters' of The Lonely Beast ABC (back when it was known as AlphaBeast!) The Lonely Beast ABC is made up of 26 interactive picture book spreads, one for each letter of the alphabet and is a lot of fun to play as well as being educational. The Beast gets into a disco dance-off with a robot (doing the robot, naturally) and also dresses up as a spectacularly unconvincing elephant (Lile and Sábha's favourite).

The sequel, The Lonely Beast 123 is a trip through a day in the life of the Beast, from dawn to bedtime, where he wakes up and then proceeds to count all the things in his house and garden. So you get to count 1 Beast in bed, 2 rubber duckies in the bath, try on 3 different coats, fry up 4 eggs in a pan and so on. My favourite is number 9 - where he gets to eat all the cake.

Excuse my manky phone and just focus on the lovely cakes.
I usually save 'playing with Mama's phone' for long queues and doctor's waiting rooms where they are most effective, but the girls love a chance to get their sticky little hands on 'the Beast games' whenever the opportunity arises.

But, why am I telling you this?

Well, all this week (8th-15th December) Chris, James and Simon will be donating the proceeds from sales of their Lonely Beast apps to Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Dublin. There's a pretty important reason why they have chosen to do this and you can read more about that HERE but you shouldn't need too much convincing.

Downloading these fantastic apps today will help to save the lives of critically ill children in Ireland AND you'll get to enjoy some great, educational games from one of Ireland's most inspirational artists. Win win.

Get the apps and help Temple Street Hospital:

If you’ve already got the apps, you can donate to Temple Street here: 
Donate Today

Please feel free to share this post to help raise as much money as possible for Temple Street and to spread the Beasty love!


As an extra arty bonus - do check out The Lonely Beast Printables too - for lots of colouring fun!


  1. What a fantastic idea, my son is going to be very happy with me when he sees what I have downloaded to the ipad; like you I like to limit his app usage but won't feel so bad with one that is both educational and for such a good cause!


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