Perpetual Dandelion Wishes

I love dandelions. I love how their sunny little faces are the first glimpse of colour we get in the early Spring and how their fuzzy-seed heads always entice me to stop and make a wish. So when I spied these wooly dandelion decorations here, I just had to make some for myself.
I found it a bit tricky to track down a full tutorial, so I thought I'd put one together myself as I made my wishes. Now all you other wishful thinkers out there can make some too! It's a really simple project that doesn't use a lot of supplies but gives a really attractive result.

You will need:

Cream coloured Wool/Yarn 
(I bought this ball of baby yarn at a discount store for... maybe €1)
(I find sending small children to gather these very useful)
A pom-pom maker 
(I got some in Tiger but I'm sure they're available in lots of craft shops. Or else use a tutorial like this to do it old-fashioned way!)
A hot glue gun 
(or some strong multi-purpose glue)

Optional extras:
Green felt
Dandelion leaf
Sewing pins


Make a few pom-poms using the pom-pom maker, yarn and scissors.
Roll the pom-poms around in your hands a bit so that they look soft and a little bit frayed at the edges.
Use the glue to stick the pom-pom to the top of a twig. The glue gun works best because it sets very quickly. You might need a little more patience waiting for it to dry  - depending which glue you use!
That's IT! (seriously, it's too easy!) Now you can go and arrange your wishes in a vase or do a little more crafting to add an extra special touch.

Optional extra crafting:
Pick a pretty dandelion leaf in your garden/local park/somewhere and use your paper and pencil to draw around it. Now cut it out. Use the paper leaf as a template by pinning it to the felt and cutting around it.

You can now glue the leaves to the twigs and arrange them in your vase, as above.

I'm really pleased with how they look and really excited to be able to make dandelion wishes all year round!

I think these would also look great on a nature table, or in a flower arrangement. You could also make them in other colours to match your home decor. Rainbow dandelion wishes anyone?!


For more simple crafts like this, check out my CRAFTS page.


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