Obeo - The Smart (and Attractive) Way To Compost

I'm afraid of my compost bin.

There. I've admitted it.

It hasn't always been this way. The day our compost bin was delivered to the house by our refuse company I was quite excited about it. I'm quite conscious about recycling and reusing. I recycle everything that can be recycled in our home. I even save and wash out the smaller glass jars - painstakingly peeling off the labels - to give to my grandmother, who is a passionate and prolific jam-maker. I regularly haul our old, worn clothes and electricals to the big recycling centre at the edge of town and donate anything decent we no longer need to charity shops, so someone else can lengthen their life.

Devo and I are also both very conscious about not buying too much food and it is rare for overripe fruit or sad vegetables to end up being thrown out, unused.

But however careful we are about all of the above - there will always be things like eggshells and potato peels and apple cores and those little nubs from the ends of carrots and the leftover cereal from when we were late and dashing out the door that day (everyday). It always seemed a shame to be throwing food waste in with the general waste of the house when I knew it too could be 'recycled'.

So, I was happy when the compost bin arrived and immediately set about flinging in all of our food waste, willy nilly, without so much as a passing thought to how quickly it might become UNBELIEVABLY GROSS AND NIGHTMARISH. Before very long there were clouds of flies swarming out every time I lifted the lid and eventually the unmentionables arrived... I can't even type it without gagging... ma... gg... o... shudder...

I set it out at the kerb the next collection day and ignored it for a long time, promising myself that I'd read up on 'brown bin' techniques before attempting using again. Of course, I never got around to it. Because it's hard to make time for researching how best to avoid your bin getting gross when there are so many more fun things on the internet. (Although, if you happen to have found this review through searching for 'brown bin techniques', I applaud your commitment to our planet. I am obviously made of shallower stuff...)

Then I got a lovely message from Liz and Kate, the fabulous ladies at Irish startup OBEO who offered me a trial of their nifty invention - The Obeo Food Waste Box and I have to say it was a revelation. It's a really clever design that really works. It’s easy-to-use, sturdy, and holds up to 2kg of food waste. It’s water-resistant, closes tight so it keeps those nasty smells locked away and manages to do all of that while actually looking attractive on your kitchen counter!
Obeo, looking attractive on my kitchen counter.
With Obeo - it’s bye bye to smells, mess and bin juice, and hello to fuss-free recycling. 

Here's how it works:

I'm now happy to report I'm taking my 'brown bin' out of (very early) retirement and proudly making our planet a better place to be. One little brown box at a time.


If you'd like to win a two-month supply of Obeo Food Waste Boxes and transform your brown bin from gross to green, please enter using the gadget below:
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Kate and Liz have also very generously offered Where Wishes Come From readers a special 10% - 25% discount on a selection of Obeo packages. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more or use the exclusive coupon code wishes at checkout.

I do hope you'll give them a try - not only will you be supporting the planet, but you'll be supporting a home-grown company too! It's the quickest way to smug-city ever!


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