Mid-Term Memory Game

Lile and Sábha finished school today for the mid-term break. We've got a few fun things planned for the week ahead - a few outings, my sister's wedding (!!) and of course the Hallowe'en celebrations. I'm also hoping for some down-time. A break from the early morning 'up and out' routine and some quality time at home.

If you're hoping for something similar you might like to try this simple game I made a while back for my girls, with your little ones. This project was featured in the August/September edition of Easy Parenting Magazine and, as the latest edition has recently hit shelves (more info below), I can finally share it here.

Funny Faces Memory Game
Playing board games can be a great way to pass a rainy day but why not eke even more time out of it by making your very own game. Making and playing this simple memory game will ensure hours of colourful fun on the next dreary day.
You will need:
Scraps of cardboard or thick paper
A jar or an egg cup (to use as a circle template)
Pencil with eraser top
Paintbrush & Paints (Or markers if you prefer)
Black permanent marker

  • Draw around your jar/egg cup to make 20 circles on the card.
  • Carefully cut each circle out. (Smaller children might need help with this.)
  • Use the eraser on the pencil top and your favourite coloured paint to stamp little dots all over one side of each circle.
  • When the paint has dried, flip them over and have fun designing funny faces, in matching pairs, on the other side. You’ll need to come up with 10 different designs and draw each one twice. You can copy the faces pictured below, or come up with your own - how about drawing each member of the family?! Twice!
  • Allow the matching pairs to dry thoroughly before you start to play with them.
  • To play the game, place all the disks face down on a table. Players take it in turns to find a matching pair by turning over two cards. If the two cards do not match, turn them back face down and it’s the next person’s turn. The winner is the person with the most pairs at the end of the game.
Lile and Sábha really enjoy playing matching games and have gotten great mileage out of this one.

I have had another couple of craft projects published in Easy Parenting again this month. It's available in newsagents now, so go grab a copy!

For more craft projects, including a handful of Halloweeny things to make and do - visit my craft page above or by clicking HERE.

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