Craft Advent: Day 1: Easy Advent Activity Calendar

It's the first day of advent and I still haven't managed to purchase any advent calendars of the chocolate variety. I'm kind of hoping that the day will be saved by this easy 'activity advent' instead... but I know I'll probably still have to shell out for sweeties at some stage, regardless...

This advent calendar is simple to make, almost cost free and completely customisable so you can design it to suit your own family.
You will need:
A stick (not pictured)
24 small envelopes (like the ones used for payslips.)
A hole punch (mine is shaped like a star!)
Paper & Pen & Scissors
Stamps & Ink (or Christmassy stickers)

First, decorate your envelopes. I used green ink and some ancient stamps that have been hanging around for ages. Feel free to use stickers, or paint or anything else you have to hand!
I used the green stamps on 23 of the 24 envelopes. For the last one I printed Santa in red. My girls will have their eye on the prize all month.
Don't forget to add your numbers. I've stamped these too, but a felt tip pen would do the job nicely. Next, you need to write some 'activities' out. I cut out 24 small pieces of paper and hand wrote the activities I'd like to do with my family. 
I googled 'family advent activities' and found lots of great ideas. Some simple - like reading a christmas storybook. Some more laborious - like baking with mama. I tried to space out the ones that will take more time onto the weekends or days that I'd likely be baking anyway... but my girls can't fully read yet so I figure I can ad-lib on the day if needs be...
When you have worked out all of your activities, pop them in the envelopes and seal. (Although you can always leave them unsealed in case you need to switch some around!! I'm being brave... or enthusiastic... or stupid by having sealed ours...)

Then punch a hole in the top and tie a length of string to each envelope. The string lengths do not need to be uniform.
Tie each string to a stick and hang the whole lot on a nail.

I think it's an attractive beginning to a wonderful season!


This is day one of my #CraftAdvent2015 project. Everyday, from now until Christmas Eve, I will be sharing a craft project, recipe or other festive treat. Lots of my lovely blogging buddies have also stepped in to share their own festive ideas and I am thrilled to have them as guests on Where Wishes Come From and to have a chance to introduce them to my readers.

I can promise some fabulous creativity, delicious recipes, festive fun and plenty of inspiration - do stop by or follow along on social media by using the hashtag #CraftAdvent2015


  1. Love it, we have started with the chocolate variety but we may make one of these, even if we will be starting a few days late :)

    1. Well, we'll do the opposite so and grab the chocolate ones late... just to balance things out ;) Thanks!

  2. Love it, we have started with the chocolate variety but we may make one of these, even if we will be starting a few days late :)

  3. This kind of calendar is really popular in Germany. I have made a similar one for my sister. For the boys I have one I sewed a few years ago and it just needs filling every year.
    I'm looking forward to the rest of your ideas.

    1. It's nice to have a bit more to advent than just a chocolate treat everyday (although I'm not complaining about the excuse to eat chocolate!).

      We have a fabric one too, but I fancied a change this year. I'm not one for an easy life ;)
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. That looks fab, a really lovely idea and so simple.

    1. Thanks so much! I don't think things need to be difficult to look nice. I'm all about the simple stuff!


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