Craft Advent: Day 3: Cookies in a Jar (for the Thrifty Gifty Person)

Today, I'm delighted to have Lisa from Four Walls Rainy Days visiting with a lovely treat that's half-craft, half-recipe and entirely lovely! Lisa may claim that she's not creative but one look at her beautiful blog will dispel that thought immediately. She is a wonderful writer, regularly featured in print and online media and always on the mark with her thoughts on current affairs. She shares her life and loves on her blog but my favourite pieces are the ones dedicated to her darling boy, Elliot.
I’m not a very crafty person, so my taking part in a craft advent calendar is out of character to say the least, however, some divine intervention must have taken place because when Where Wishes Come From came looking, I decided it was a good idea to sign up. For someone told by an old art teacher that I had “No Sufficient Talent”, this isn’t something that would strike you as an obvious decision, but I’d made the commitment. 

Drawing and crafting was clearly out of the question. I saw others were doing recipes but while I tend to be good at the prep, my end result tends to never look very good - Queen of Pinterest I am not. However, this idea makes sure that it is JUST the prep, and so it’s an easy present to make, cheap and cheerful but plenty of thought and love put in. Yes, you can buy these kind of jars in shops for about ten euros, but the personal touch being made with love makes it all the better! 

So, here we go: cookies in a jar (these ones are chocolate chip but there are a million and one recipes for these things. Most I found contained nuts but I left them out, just in case for allergies). The recipe I used can be found HERE.
Jar Ingredients
250g plain flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
165g light brown muscovado sugar
165g white sugar
Approx 75g chocolate chips (I used the full 100g bag, you can’t have too many chocolate chips in my opinion)

Filling the jar:
Layer the ingredients in a medium (750ml) preserving jar in the order listed. Pack all ingredients down firmly, especially the brown sugar!
Decorating the Jar:
I got this jar in a pound shop for €2, you can get more expensive ones from companies like Kilner in bulk in other shops, or slightly bigger ones for about €4 in Tesco. I added a trim of teal gingham ribbon which I picked up in Tiger, and added a sparkly blue bow from Tiger (came in a packet of 15). All in all, the jar itself cost less than 4 euros to make (not including ingredients) and while it may not look as professional as some of the expensive shop bought ones, it does look more personalised. 

Add a label with these instructions (make it sparkly or brown paper, dependent on the look you want to go for):
Chocolate Chip CookiesIn addition to the contents of the jar, you will need:
1 cup soft butter
1 egg slightly beaten
1 tsp vanilla essence
Preheat oven to 175 C.
Mix together the butter, the egg and the vanilla essence.
Empty the content of the jar into the butter mixture and mix until well blended.
Drop a teaspoon full of cookie mixture approx 2 inches apart on a greased baking tray (or cover in greaseproof paper)
Bake for 8-10 min or until slightly browned.
Most of the ingredients used are general store cupboard ones - the only thing I had to pick up was the chocolate chips (and some extra brown sugar because we were running low). 

If you’re doing Christmas on a budget, these will definitely be a loved present by friends and family alike (if you can resist not keeping the cookies for yourself).

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